Drake Pivots to #GRWM Content

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage

The male loneliness epidemic has reached Canada. One need not look further than the Reels tab of Drake’s Instagram to confirm this. Over the weekend, the 37-year-old rapper posted a two-minute video montage of how he unwinds in the evening. There’s no voice-over, but you can imagine if there was it would be something like, “Here’s how I spend my evenings as a single, high-earning man in Toronto.”

From this video, we can glean a few things about what a typical evening is like for Drake. He makes a cocktail and stares at a painting of his Nothing Was the Same album art, perhaps contemplating the passage of time. Then he smokes hookah and lounges by the fire. After that it’s time for the aquatic portion of the evening, in which he goes for a swim and a cold plunge. My personal favorite part is when he shows us his timers to let us know he regularly plunges in the icy waters for at least five minutes.

After all of that, he takes a shower, does his skin care, and preps his hair for bed. He does not show us what products he’s using nor does he tell us if they’re linked in his Amazon storefront, but hopefully he’ll get better at influencing with time. He then does the funniest thing I’ve seen in a minute, which is light a candle, get into bed, and “go to sleep” with all the lights on and the glow from the candle still flickering upon his face. I know this is basically acting, but in the universe this Reel takes place in, Drake is about to die in a fire.

As a foray into short-form video content, I would have to give Drake a six out of ten. Generously, it kind of seemed like the first part of Home Alone where a child is just excited to be in a big house by himself. Less generously, it looks like Drake is a ghost haunting his own home. There’s one horrifying moment when Drake does a shot with the woman filming him and you realize he has roped some undoubtedly beautiful woman into helping him make his little video. Hers is the #DIML I actually want to see.

Drake Pivots to #GRWM Content