Dating Harry Styles Involves a Lot of Time With James Corden

Photo: CBS via Getty Images

As a survivor of One Direction Tumblr, I know for a fact that a lot of people have a crush on Harry Styles. Imagining what it would be like to date Harry Styles is its own genre. Bop on over to any fan-fiction website and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of works in which people have written chapters about what it might be like to date the former boy-band star. However, one thing these fantasies never seem to reckon with is something that we know happens when dating Harry Styles: You have to hang out with James Corden, like, a lot.

Styles is currently dating actress Taylor Russell, and this week the two are on what looks like a wonderful yacht vacation in Anguilla. He’s going for a swim, she’s taking photos on the beach, his hair is growing back — what an awesome time. You know who else is there? Friend of Harry Styles and noted Balthazar menace James Corden. You know who would always just kind of be there if you were dating Harry Styles? James Corden.

Back in August, Styles was spotted at the opening of Russell’s play The Effect. Everyone was so excited to see photos of them canoodling that no one thought about the fact that Styles had brought Corden along. And these are just the two times Corden and Russell have been papped hanging out. Here’s what I’ll say: This is not what the Spice Girls had in mind when they recorded “Wannabe.”

Dating Harry Styles Involves a Lot of Time With James Corden