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Josh Radnor’s Snowstorm Wedding Stranded 59 People

Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

As psilocybin aficionados know all too well, there are good ’shroom trips and bad ’shroom trips. A good ’shroom trip, for example: In February 2022, Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother fame meets his now-wife while tripping on mushrooms at a sound-meditation retreat in upstate New York. He knows Brooklyn psychologist Jordana Jacobs will someday be his bride because a psychedelic-fueled voice tells him, “That’s her … That’s your woman.” A bad ’shroom trip, for example: Radnor marries Jacobs outside on January 6 in a 20-degree snowstorm, stranding 59 people at the venue overnight, including a ten-piece wedding band, event planners, venue staff, and a reporter and photographer from the New York Times.

According to a “Vows” column published in the Times Friday, those are the very real details of Radnor and Jacobs’s 2024 union, which took place earlier this month on January 6 — the third anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol. The couple told the Times they wanted to get married before Radnor had to begin rehearsals for his Public Theater play The Ally, and that cursed date was the only one that worked. “We decided we would rebrand Jan. 6,” Radnor said.

Sadly, the rebrand efforts weren’t a runaway success. The evening before the wedding, the Times reports that the couple hosted a dinner with decorative mushroom centerpieces, during which “at least one speech” referenced Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Despite meteorologists warning of a snowstorm for days, Radnor and Jacobs proceeded with their outdoor Cedar Lakes Estate wedding the following evening, leaving 164 guests shivering in the snow as the couple read their vows for a bone-chilling 20 minutes. After the ceremony, Radnor knelt on the ground and blow-dried his wife’s literal cold feet.

“The snow was two things,” Radnor said. “Cold and anxiety-producing, but also cosmic and divine.”

I’m not sure if accidentally trapping a Times reporter at your January 6 wedding is “cosmic and divine,” but to each his own (she was assigned a top bunk in a room already occupied by wedding guests, by the way). At least the guests got generous swag bags filled with incense sticks, an incense dish, a CBD tincture, and an “intention kit.” Maybe next time, the event planners will throw in some hand warmers and a muff, too.

Josh Radnor’s Snowstorm Wedding Stranded 59 People