J.Lo Swears Ben Affleck Is ‘Happy’ and ‘All Right’

Photo: Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

Ben Affleck is constantly having to defend himself against accusations that he is deeply unhappy. Of course, that is the emotion his face often telegraphs, and understandably so — why would he not be bored out of his mind at the Grammys, or grimacing through last-minute holiday shopping? On Sunday evening, his wife Jennifer Lopez was also forced to reckon with her husband’s facial expressions.

“Ben is doing all right,” J.Lo assured an Entertainment Tonight reporter on the Golden Globes red carpet, who asked her why people are always worried about the tortured look on her husband’s face. “You don’t need to worry about Ben. He is good, he is happy, he is here, he is nominated. He is like, ‘I’m chilling.’”

For once, I can actually get behind the notion that Affleck is “chilling.” Unlike last year’s Grammys, which he later described as his “wife’s work event,” he was at the Globes for his own work — the 2023 movie Air, which he directed and starred in, was nominated in two categories. For the entire night, he was seated next to his true soulmate and Bostonian brother, Matt Damon. He was even seen laughing (yes, laughing!) during one of the night’s presenter bits. I might even venture to say Affleck had … a good time?

J.Lo Swears Ben Affleck Is ‘Happy’ and ‘All Right’