Is Jacob Elordi Single or Not?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Owing to all the people publicly “flirtin’” with Jacob Elordi, you may have forgotten that he is dating a real-life human woman: influencer and star of the college-admissions scandal Olivia Jade Giannulli. Well, kind of — after two years of on-and-off rumors, some tabloids believe Elordi and Giannulli have broken up again.

Elordi was first spotted getting coffee with Giannulli in 2021, and in the ensuing months, they were either agreeing to go their separate ways or hanging out with each other’s dogs. (Neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship status publicly, so it’s a little unclear exactly how many times they broke up and got together.) They were last seen wandering around Soho in September as a couple, a set of wired earbuds straining to reach from Elordi’s pocket all the way up to his ear.

But now, Us Weekly claims they are yet again exes, having investigated whether “their connection was still there” and apparently landing on “no.” TMZ begs to differ — one source apparently claimed that Elordi and Giannulli are “literally together in NYC right now,” and that she’s been seen hanging around Elordi’s Saturday Night Live rehearsals.

Perhaps their Instagram follows can provide some insight? Well, Elordi follows no one and Giannulli does not currently follow him — though no one seems to know if she was doing that to begin with. She is, however, following his sister Isabella. Does that help clear things up?

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Is Jacob Elordi Single or Not?