Jennifer Hudson and Common Hard Launch on National TV

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson and Common have found a new way to hard launch a partner. Most of us normals just post a cute photo to the grid and call it a day. But Hudson and Common are famous people, so they had to do something different. Getting “spotted” by the paparazzi is out. Having your longtime rumored beau on the talk show with your name on it is in.

In a teaser for Monday’s episode of Hudson’s talk show, the two seem to confirm that they’re in a relationship after nearly two years of being spotted together looking like a couple. You can tell they’re really into each other by the confidence with which Hudson raps (!) his intro, which is kind of an objectively embarrassing thing to do. Then Common brings out a comically large bouquet of flowers. This is not the stuff of a normal talk-show appearance. These two definitely have cutesy nicknames for each other.

“Now, we gotta get down to business, Mr. Common,” Hudson says. “I’m a host and so I have to ask you this question, ’cause everybody always wanna know this: Are you dating anyone?” The crowd goes wild — they need to know.

“I’m in a relationship that is with one of the most beautiful people I ever met in life. She’s smart, she loves God, she has something real down-to-earth about her, she’s talented,” the rapper says. “But I set my standard kind of high because she had to have an EGOT. She had to win an Oscar on her first movie. I set my standard high. She had to get her own talk show.”

Oh man, if you think the crowd went wild before. Those are all ways to describe Jennifer Hudson! Common goes on to say that his relationship is his “happy place” and that he’s “letting God guide this relationship.” Here’s hoping God guides them to do more public appearances together. There’s a chemistry drought in this country, and these two might be able to fix it.

Jennifer Hudson and Common Hard Launch on National TV