Jeremy Allen White Drops Trou for Calvin Klein

Photo: Mert Alas for Calvin Klein

What are Jeremy Allen White stans called? Whiteheads? JAWbreakers? If they don’t have a name yet, they should probably figure it out. I imagine they’ll be seeing an influx of newcomers in the wake of the Bear star’s new Calvin Klein campaign.

If you haven’t seen the photos yet, I don’t know how you’re living your life. They are everywhere. Open any social-media app and you’ll see people thirsting over White, commenting things like “hyperventilating bro wtf” and “How much for the ones he’s wearing asking for a friend.” White himself did an interview with GQ about the campaign, telling the magazine, “I didn’t see this in my future necessarily.” If you go to the New York Times’ home page, you’ll be greeted with an entire window full of Jeremy Allen White before you scroll down to see what the latest horrors are.

In a press release, Calvin Klein promised that White’s campaign would feature on “high-impact out-of-home placements around the globe.” To translate, that means in case you can’t get enough of White from just your phone screen, soon you’ll be able to go to the corner of Lafayette and Houston and ogle a 50-foot photo of him. Isn’t that what every JerBear wants? (Sorry.)

Jeremy Allen White Drops Trou for Calvin Klein