You Should Really Be Following Jessica Biel on TikTok

Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images for W Magazine

I’ll be honest: I was not paying much attention to Jessica Biel’s TikTok until recently. That was my mistake, because the actress’s vlogging era has proved to be a real source of joy. Last week, she shared the importance of bringing a huge bag of snacks on an airplane. This week, she’s talking about her rules for eating in the shower. If she’s pivoting to full-time snack influencer, I support it.

In her most recent video, Biel followed up on one from last month, in which she talked about how she loves to eat in the shower. In the first video, she gave some examples of what she’s eating in there: “shower-appropriate items, like cereal or yogurt … coffee, tea, Popsicles.” Now, she’s circled back and has answered some of the many questions people had about her shower-eating practice.


Replying to @Ryan All your shower eating questions finally answered 🫡

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“A ledge is really helpful,” she offered as her first tip. “Something you can stick your cup, your yogurt container, your coffee on.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of us do not have a ledge in our shower, and that we’d have to precariously balance our Chobanis next to the conditioner. This is fine, though, because Biel does have other advice.

“Keep the soap out — that’s a big deal,” Biel advised. Make sure you write that one down. “Only tricky thing is,” she continued, “you gotta keep your mouth closed, ’cause I still like to get under the water when I’m chewing.”

I still have some questions, but as someone who enjoys the occasional shower beer, I’m seeing the vision. I guess my main question is: Has Jessica Biel tried eating an orange in the shower? That’s supposed to be excellent.

You Should Really Be Following Jessica Biel on TikTok