Looks Like Joe Jonas Is Jetting Around With Stormi Bree

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

If there’s one thing celebs love to do, it’s go on vacation during the first week of January. While seemingly everyone in the world is “circling back” with you, people like Joe Jonas are jetting from Cabo to Aspen to keep the holiday mood going. And what’s that? He’s being joined by model Stormi Bree? Well, that’s interesting.

Jonas and Bree were initially spotted together in Mexico at the Cabo San Lucas airport on Wednesday, but it was unclear if the two were getting on the same plane. Turns out they were flying together, and the pair jetted to Aspen. This is the celeb equivalent of jumping from the hot tub to the cold bath at a Korean spa.

On Thursday, someone sent the blurriest photo in the world to Deuxmoi, claiming to have seen the two out at dinner in Aspen. The same day, a source told Us Weekly that Jonas is “enjoying spending time” with the former Miss Tennessee Teen. By the way, if you’re wondering why you know who Bree is, it’s probably because of Instagram, where she has 1 million followers. If that’s not it, maybe it’s because she has a kid with fellow ridiculously beautiful model Lucky Blue Smith? If it’s not one of those things, I can’t help you.

“Things are still very new, but he’s happy and he’s open to seeing where things go,” the source told Us Weekly. We’re all happy to hear that his heart is open.

Last September, Jonas and Sophie Turner announced that they would be getting divorced after four years of marriage. A tense custody dispute followed, but the two managed to settle it through mediation before it could go to court. Now, Joe has his Insta baddie and Sophie is snogging an aristocrat. Everybody wins.

Looks Like Joe Jonas Is Jetting Around With Stormi Bree