Kylie Jenner Has Pink Hair Again

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Indie sleaze is back, according to my TikTok feed. But just when I thought we’d reached peak nostalgia — red tights! Ballet flats! Mesh long sleeves! Flip phones! — girlfriend of the year Kylie Jenner descends from the heavens (Calabasas) to make the case that running it back is still very much in vogue.

On Tuesday, Jenner posted a photo to Instagram touting a new head of bubblegum-pink hair, writing, “hiiiii remember me.” If you find yourself inexplicably triggered by this sentence, it’s likely because Jenner was known for dyeing her hair shades like teal ombré and magenta almost a decade ago. On TikTok, Jenner also posted a video of her Barbie hairdo with the caption “heard its [sic] 2014 vibes this year.” The mom of two tossed her hair in the car to the tune of “Suga Suga,” by Baby Bash, which did not come out in 2014 but in 2003.

For Kylie-heads, any shade of pink hair is a nod to King Kylie, the persona Jenner hatched when she changed her social-media handle to match that of her then-boyfriend, Tyga, a.k.a. King Gold Chains, back in 2015. That was also the year the reported billionaire launched Kylie lip kits and began selling the look of heavily filled lips to teenagers (though she has since admitted she regrets some of her plastic surgery).

Does this mean cotton-candy hair is in? Who knows, but I support drastic haircuts to usher in a new personal era. So, for now, I’ll just let her continue vibing in her front seat to Baby Bash.

Kylie Jenner Has Pink Hair Again