Did Lana Del Rey Just Make Me Like Valentine’s Day?

Photo: Nadia Lee Cohen/Skims

What Kardashian brand do you hate to love? For me — and I’m not alone — it’s Kim’s shapewear line. Skims (née Kimono) is annoyingly good, not just because it specializes in surprisingly well-made undergarments and the occasional fake nipple, but also because someone deep inside that beige office is excellent at coming up with ad campaigns.

Case in point: Lana Del Rey modeled the brand’s 2024 Valentine’s Day collection in a kitschy, satin-draped photo shoot that is unfortunately catnip to me and the entire internet. (Also, probably, to the cats in the photos, who are just as well-cast as Lana herself.) The campaign was shot by Nadia Lee Cohen, who’s also responsible for Skims’ vintage-y holiday imagery, and it is really playing to the strengths of all involved — Lana, the cats, the concept of romance as a whole. Can you count the bows?

The line will be released on January 23, though I suspect there’d be even higher demand for merch of the campaign photos instead. Imagine going to Coachella with a photo of Lana Del Rey getting shot by Cupid on your T-shirt.

Did Lana Del Rey Just Make Me Like Valentine’s Day?