Pamela Anderson’s Makeup-Free Journey Continues

Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Last year, all anyone could talk about during Paris Fashion Week was Pamela Anderson not wearing makeup. Obviously, she looked incredible, and she’s kept up the barefaced look since then — at the Fashion Awards in December, on her Instagram feed, and in a handful of ad campaigns featuring her foundationless skin. Naturally, her decision to go without has landed her a gig as the “co-founder and new owner” of Sonsie Skin, a vegan skin-care company.

Sonsie was first launched in June by Anderson’s “co-founder,” influencer Marie von Behrens-Felipe. Anderson announced this week that she was getting onboard in a (makeupless, of course) video filmed at her beachside Vancouver Island property. “Being barefaced is being intimate, it’s being vulnerable,” she said. “And it’s just a reminder that you are beautiful as you are.”

Over clips of herself reading, lounging, cutting up squash, and applying Sonsie’s serum, she added, “Sonsie … goes very much with my philosophy. You feel like you have that glow naturally.” She described the brand’s products in her caption as “simple, loving skin care for all.” Okay, but where can I get her huge Vivienne Westwood hat?

Pamela Anderson’s Makeup-Free Journey Continues