Barry Keoghan Admits to ‘Flirtin’’ With Jacob Elordi

Photo: Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi/Variety via Getty Images

On top of slurping Jacob Elordi’s spunky bathwater in Saltburn, Barry Keoghan is apparently very close to the Eyebrow Ring King in real life, too.

In a new GQ profile published Tuesday, Keoghan, who’s been suggestively cuddling up to his six-foot-five co-star on red carpets for months now, admitted that the palpable chemistry between the two straight men isn’t entirely a figment of the public’s imagination.

“I’m really flirtin’, ” Keoghan told GQ. “We were constantly close. It ain’t just for the cameras and the premiere[s]. Me and Jacob—he’s like a brother to me, honestly. I think when you’re comfortable with someone, you can be as close as you want, you know what I mean? It’s not like, ‘Oh, don’t come near me’—it’s like, I’m comfortable. When I’m comfortable around people, I’m comfy.”


Jacob Elordi, I was unfamiliar with your game… The tension between Jacob and Barry Koeghan at the Saltburn premiere was 🥵 #jacobelordi


When asked if he’d ever felt a similar, um, pull to boys growing up, Keoghan laughed and responded, “Yeah no … But I’m comfortable with Jacob. Messin’ about. Havin’ a laugh. We’re bein’ lads.”

“We’ve just done a movie where we had to kiss, man,” he added. “Look at the scenes we’ve done. You have to be comfortable with yourself.”

If cuddling up courtside, planting kisses on cheeks, and constantly touching are now markers of a close male friendship, consider me a fan of modern masculinity. Here’s to hoping these two continue “messin’ about” forevermore.

Barry Keoghan Admits to ‘Flirtin’’ With Jacob Elordi