What Would You Do for a Stanley Cup?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Target

By now, you’re probably familiar with the Stanley cup, a title you may have once associated with the U.S. National Hockey League championship but now belongs to a gargantuan water bottle with a passionate cult following. If somehow you haven’t heard of these 40-ounce stainless-steel tanks, you’ve at least seen them — on your most hydrated co-worker’s desk, in the cupholder of your aunt’s SUV, or maybe lined up on this TikTok woman’s plexiglass Stanley shrine. Members of the Stanley fan base have been known to shell out $45 for not just one canteen but every new colorway of the exact same design. In fact, their passion is so intense that, despite the cups being widely available and easy to order online, a limited-edition Valentine’s Day collaboration with Target has stores throughout the country overrun with rabid water-drinkers.

The cups, which dropped on December 31 and have been named the Galentine’s Collection, are available in two colors: Target Red and Cosmo Pink. Besides the special colors, they are basically just regular Stanley cups but with a tiny little heart added next to the brand’s name. This, apparently, is enough to set the hearts and wallets of Stanley adorers aflame, and footage from nationwide Target locations shows passionate hydrators (or, in many cases, their husbands) lining up at dawn, jogging, and elbowing people out of the way to get their hands on a limited-edition fuchsia thermos.


The best husband! He went after a work and grabbed me the ultimate stanley cup! He was able to grab extras for my friends too🥹 hes the best! He loves hunting! #stanleycup #valentines #target #targetfinds #stanleyvalentine #stanleyvalentinesday #momsoftiktok #marriage #momlife

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Well i can’t lie i was hype i was able to add to my tumbler collection. I will say this release at this location was organized & at least 80% were able to grab one! 💖❤️ #stanleycup #stanleyvalentinesday #stanleytumbler #valentinesdaystanley

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My husband went and got me the Valentines day Stanleys ♥️ Hes been filming everything he gets for me 😂 😍 #stanleycup #valentinesdaystanley #valentinesstanley #targetstanley #stanleyvalentinesday #stanleygalentines #targetfinds #targethaul

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Of course, most Target locations seem to be sold out of the cup, and the same goes for Target’s website. But not to worry — a booming resale market has already emerged. For the reasonable price of $350, you too can sip from the chalice of the gods this February 14. Cheers!

What Would You Do for a Stanley Cup?