So Are Taylor and Travis Getting Engaged or What?

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In the last month, a flurry of rumors suggested Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were heading toward betrothal — and fast. Kelce allegedly asked Taylor Swift’s father for permission to marry her in December. Last week, a source told “Page Six” that they were tempted to get engaged on Swift’s birthday (December 13), over the holidays, or on Valentine’s Day — but, at the risk of looking like a couple getting swept up in “rushed insanity,” were patiently waiting until their one-year dating anniversary this summer. But according to TMZ, anyone concerned they’re moving too fast need not stress because these two have absolutely no engagement plans in the near future.

While marriage does seem like a logical next step for a woman commissioning custom puffer jackets of her boyfriend’s jersey number, these two have plenty of reasons to pump the brakes. First off, Swift is resuming her international tour in February, which will likely put several thousand miles between her and her beloved. Also, as one source speaking with Us pointed out, they “haven’t even been together for a year yet and still have so much to learn about each other.” Like, what if Travis suddenly reveals that he loves eating cottage cheese for breakfast? Or Taylor is really bad at replacing the toilet-paper roll? What if their pets don’t get along?

So for now, Swift and Kelce will be focused on a romantic Valentine’s Day. What’s in store? Well, Travis may or may not be cashing in on his podcast’s Etsy sponsorship and gifting a handcrafted knickknack. In a recent ad, he claimed to be “feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure” and asserted that the marketplace is “the go-to destination for adding that special touch.” Taylor does seem like the kind of girl who enjoys personalized décor. Or perhaps he will finally throw her an enormous party like he was supposed to do for her birthday. Whatever they do, I am sure their plans will be totally levelheaded, understated, and not “rushed insanity” at all.

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So Are Taylor and Travis Getting Engaged or What?