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Tom Sandoval Wants Ariana Madix to Move On

Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Tom Sandoval would like his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix — whom he famously cheated on with their castmate and close friend Rachel Leviss — to move on. On Tuesday, nearly a year since the word Scandoval entered our collective vocabulary and hours ahead of the season-11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Sandoval and his friend Tom Schwartz joined Nick Viall on his podcast to talk about themselves.

More than an hour and a half into the episode, which he spent almost exclusively talking about Madix, Sandoval said that he’d like Madix to stop talking about him. “I think her biggest thing is, like, stop, like, focusing on — don’t focus any energy on me. Leave me behind,” Sandoval said. Viall pushed back, saying, “That’s not really for you to say.” Sandoval said, “I know, but, like, it’s not a good look,” and added that he feels like Madix “has been a little spiteful.” When Viall pointed out that Madix is “entitled to her spite,” Sandoval insisted that she needs to “let it go,” saying, “Just live your life, keep going, keep doing you, forget me, keep going. It’s just, it’s not a good look. I just want her to, like, move on.”

Sandoval also broke down some of the ongoing drama between himself and Madix, which largely has to do with the home they own together in Los Angeles. He claims that Madix is being “petty” and refusing a $3 million offer he made to buy her out of the property. He also repeatedly said Madix is doing well in life in light of their breakup. At one point, Schwartz said Madix struck “the breakup jackpot” and suggested that she should be grateful, and Sandoval agreed. “Considering that, like, dude, she was literally part of a cheating scandal and now has everything going for her, I think she’s being petty,” Sandoval said. He added: “She’s definitely grateful. I know that’s weird to say.” Asked by Viall if Madix is entitled to her pettiness, Sandoval snapped back: “Yeah, and she’s doing a good job of it.”

Sandoval was right about one thing: Madix does appear to be thriving. As the season premiere aired, she was on Broadway getting a standing ovation for her debut in Chicago.

Tom Sandoval Wants Ariana Madix to Move On