Why Were Two Furries Sitting Courtside With Tyra Banks?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Last night, something weird happened at the Knicks-Nets game in Brooklyn. Tyra Banks was sitting courtside when she found herself sandwiched between two furries. Of course, you have a million questions about this. Why didn’t Banks move over so the furries could sit together, for example. I don’t have satisfying answers, but let’s see what we can piece together.

In this clip, Banks is really hamming it up for the jumbotron as the furries nuzzle each other. I am not a lip-reader, but I think you can pretty clearly see her say, “This is crazy!”

Let’s look at a more candid clip. In this one, Banks looks over at one of the furries, seemingly assesses the situation, and raises her eyebrows as if to say, “Who am I to judge?”

Here, it seems as though Banks and the furries are getting along. Maybe she’s teaching them to pose?

These videos might make it seem as though Banks had a good enough time with the furries. Obviously, it’s a little weird, but nothing too crazy is happening. It might even be a premeditated bit — anyone who watched America’s Next Top Model knows that Banks has a flair for the dramatic.

However, comedian Kareem Rahma was in attendance last night, and his footage spins a different narrative. On his Instagram Story, you can watch as Banks is made visibly uncomfortable by the furries’ antics. Rahma claimed that they were bothering her for “literally 30 minutes.” Later, he shared a video that appears to show the furries being escorted out of the game by security.

So there you have it: The furries were not able to win over Banks with their high jinks. In fact, they probably made enemies of Banks, both New York basketball teams, and the Barclays Center security team. I bet they don’t even care, as their community is supportive no matter what. On the r/furry_irl Reddit, the top comment on a post about this reads, simply, “love wins.”

Why Were Two Furries Sitting Courtside With Tyra Banks?