Welcome to ‘Keep It Moving’

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Video: Getty

Hi there, sports fans. We’ve got something new for you. Meet “Keep It Moving,” the Cut’s new dedicated sports section, brought to you by the Cut and presented by Team Milk. See, we here at the Cut already love a little competition. Adrenaline and ambition, too. It’s no secret that female athletes, college and professional, continue to make gains in pay and TV-airtime equity, shatter records, and break in to once-male-dominated sports. So what better time to be a fan of women in sports than right now as part of this community?

Of course, this is still the Cut, which means this won’t be a traditional sports-news section. Sure, we’ll regularly track any headline-making game days as well as the athletes so extraordinary you know them by just their first names (Simone, Coco, Sha’Carri), but we won’t be writing up game results on the regular. This is sports through the Cut’s lens and POV: Expect juicy scene reports from the sidelines, evocative essays from writers who have in some way been transformed by a sport, fun recommendations and rants, and even more of our ongoing fitness and wellness coverage.

We hope you’ll find something here that makes you want to play, cheer, or assume control of your favorite sports bar’s TVs.

Game on,
Lindsay Peoples

Welcome to ‘Keep It Moving’