Life’s Been ‘Hard’ for Felicity Huffman Since Jail

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Four years after her 2019 fraud conviction, Felicity Huffman is back to work. Just don’t call it a comeback … because the dark cloud of her involvement in the college admissions scandal will likely follow the actress around for years to come.

In a new interview with the Guardian, Huffman addressed the scandal once more ahead of an upcoming role. She’ll be playing the mother of a trans son in a revival of Taylor Mac’s comedy Hir, taking place at the Park Theatre in London this month.

“I walk into the room with it,” the former Desperate Housewives star said of her role in Operation Varsity Blues. “I did it. It’s black and white.”

Huffman served 11 days in prison for paying $15,000 for a college consultant to falsify her daughter’s SAT scores, sending a strong message to other parents who might be considering trying to pay their way through the collegiate system. Now that she’s out, however, Huffman says she’s been having a “hard” time finding work again.

“I am not in any way whitewashing what I did, but some people have been kind and compassionate — others have not,” she said of life after prison. “I did a pilot for ABC recently that didn’t get picked up. It’s been hard. Sort of like your old life died and you died with it. I’m lucky enough to have a family and love and means, so I had a place to land.”

As the Guardian notes, Huffman comes from a “wealthy banking family,” which sounds like a pretty good place to land to me. And best of luck to Huffman’s daughter who got into college on her own and seems to be getting better at math.

Life’s Been ‘Hard’ for Felicity Huffman Since Jail