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Everything Is a Red Flag Now

The internet has some strong opinions on relationship red flags. Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

What are your relationship red flags? When someone doesn’t know what they’re looking for? Excessive love bombing? A lack of a social-media presence? Wearing socks to bed? Pouring milk before the cereal? Not being invested in Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship?

Well, the internet has strong opinions on relationship red flags, as is the internet’s wont. You’ve likely seen red flag emoji filling your Twitter timeline and ForYou page with people sharing what they deem as warning signs when they’re getting to know someone. Some are common knowledge (e.g., negging, immediate clinginess, talking too much about their exes). Others are odd but not unheard of (e.g., liking pineapple on pizza, not being a dog person). But many are either hyperspecific or all-encompassing (e.g., saying “hello”). In other words, everything and anything can be a red flag.

Below, some of the internet’s biggest red flags. Take note. Or continue to ignore them, like many of us do in real life.


General dating red flags

If you really want to test the limits of what you’re willing to put up with in a partner, there is even a Red Flag card game. For example, if someone gave you multiple orgasms, could you overlook the fact that they scream “FUCK YOU” at every baby?


Red flags related to food

The brands, of course, have gotten involved — a classic sign that a meme is on its death bed.


Red flags regarding someone’s taste in movies, music, and TV

To be safe, you should like any and all forms of media just in case. Except Fight Club, which we all know is the reddest of red flag movies.


Fashion red flags

I would also add “I’m excited about the comeback of low-rise jeans” to the list.


Political red flags

MAGA memorabilia is red for a reason.


Niche red flags

If you have ever done or said anything, unfortunately, that’s probably a red flag.


An obvious red flag


A universal red flag


And, finally, the biggest red flag of all