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24 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, your mom deserves the world and everything she wants. Failing that, she deserves a thoughtful gift at a reasonable price, because she just wants her kids to be fiscally responsible, even when showering her with presents. If you’re looking to be indulgent without spending too much, we’ve rounded up 24 options under $80 dollars that you and your mom will love.

For the Mom Who Wants to Be Jazzy

This bright mod clutch will add some fun color to her wardrobe.

For the Eco-Conscious Mom

You can never have too many pretty blouses, and this one is made out of sustainable fabric.

For the Mom Who’s Always Chilly

Not only is it remarkably cozy, but if she throws it over a chair or a plush bed, it’ll give her home that decor catalogue vibe.

For the Mom Who Likes Accessories

Just because you can’t afford to get her a fancy diamond necklace doesn’t mean you can’t get her something nice. This gold oval pendant has a tiny diamond in the center, holds two photos, and still costs under $75.

For the No-Makeup Makeup Mom

Elevate the drugstore lip balm buried at the bottom of your mom’s handbag with a fancy petroleum-free formula. And make sure she keeps the case when she’s done — it’s refillable.

For the ‘Bag Lady’ Mom

Like the saying goes, “A purse on the floor is money out the door.”

For the Mom Who’s Going on Vacation

Having looks for vacation is almost as much as fun as going on vacation itself. She’ll be ready for the photos in these cute woven sandals.

For the Mom Who Likes Facials

Don’t force mom to mix her mud mask in a kitchen bowl. Get her one specifically meant for skin care and decorated in 24k gold.

For the Mom Who’s Always Throwing Dinner Parties

This beautiful trivet will save her the hassle of transferring everything from the hot pot to a serving dish.

For the Mom Who Loves a Hot Toddy

Get her a mug she can keep all to herself. Not only is it pretty, but it’s scratch- and stain-resistant.

For the Mom Who Loves Greenery

There are plenty of plants you can buy her, but does she have a Calamondin? Probably not. It’s a hybrid fruit — half mandarin, half kumquat — that’s great for baked goods, jams, and cocktails.

For the Mom Who Loves Fancy Cookware

Ninety-three percent of reviewers gave this set five stars, with several noting that it looks like a piece of art.

For the Cat-Eye Mom

Makeup artists used the mascara, pencil liner, and gel liner in this kit to create this season’s dramatic cat eye at Marc Jacobs. Of course, your mom might go for a more subtle look, but she’ll appreciate the sleek silver case.

For the Mom Who Always Has Nice Nails

For the Mom Who Loves to Throw Shade

A beach hat that looks a lot more expensive than it is, and goes with everything she owns.

For the Mom Who Needs a New Carryall

Like Mansur Gavriel, but only $30 on Amazon.

For the Sweet Mom

How charming is this? Both the blush and the sponge are shaped like the dainty French cookie.

For the Mom Who Has Everything

A fresh pair of earrings can make an old outfit feel brand new.

For the Mom Who Likes Ceramics

A pretty platter to add an elegant touch to any table.

For the Mom Who Is Desperate for Summer

It’s too early to wear them now, but don’t they give you hope for warmer days?

For the Mom Who Likes to Treat Herself

Though this jade roller is only $9, it’s a self-care must-have.

For the Tea-Obsessed Mom

Make her daily cup of tea feel a little more special.

For the Mom on-the-Go

Never search for a wall outlet again.

For the Mom Who Loves Jake Gyllenhaal

As soon as Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in his first ad for Eternity, the internet dubbed him a “hot dad.” Which makes this an apt gift for the ultimate “hot mom.”

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24 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas