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The Best Kitchen Deals on Amazon Prime Day

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So you’re getting into cooking and want a few new gadgets for your kitchen? Amazon Prime Day has some great deals on essentials like the ever-popular Instant Pot, the Joule sous-vide machine, and the Nespresso coffee and espresso maker. If you’re looking for something even more basic like a chef’s knife, they’ve got you covered too. Scroll below to shop our favorites, and check out our top beauty, home-décor, and fashion finds, too (you can find a master list over here).

For those who have always wanted a Le Creuset, this 4.3-quart Dutch oven is a best seller on Amazon and only costs a fraction of its famed look-alike.

The renowned Vitamix blender, which can whip up soup, nut butters, smoothies, and even ice cream in seconds, is now nearly 40% off.

Woks are known for their even heat distribution, and this Stone & Beam wok is no different. It can be used on both electric and gas stoves as well as in the oven, and it’s also dishwasher safe.

What’s Prime Day without an Instant Pot deal? This beloved appliance has over 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and can be used to make anything from rice to soup.

Other than the Instant Pot, the other item people love on Prime Day is a sous-vide machine. Our friends at the Strategist proclaimed the Joule the best, so here’s your chance to get it on sale.


This smart oven not only toasts – it can also bake, roast, and broil, and has customized settings like “bagel” and “pizza.”

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the best mixer for baking, and this one comes with a glass bowl so you can really see if those wet and dry ingredients are fully incorporated.

These normally expensive stainless-steel pans, which last a lifetime, are, thanks to Prime, more affordable. They’re oven safe up to 600 degrees and ideal for cooking eggs or searing meat.

This one-cup coffee maker is nearly half off its original price and comes with 30 capsules of Nespresso’s best-selling coffees.

With this blender you can create both hot and cold dishes, from soups to smoothies. It also has customized blending modes for homemade rice, nut, and oat milk.


The Shun Sora chef’s knife is the only kitchen knife you’ll ever need. It features a hand-sharpened traditional Japanese blade and is the best-selling chef’s knife on Amazon.

Calling all coffee snobs! This coffee scale and timer measures in increments of a tenth of a gram so you can have full control over your perfect cup of joe.

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The Best Kitchen Deals on Amazon Prime Day