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How This Musician Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Annahstasia

Annahstasia Enuke holds many titles. Not only is the 23-year-old a soul singer and a visual artist, she is also a self-described skin-care “nerd.” “I take a homeopathic approach to my skin, which basically means trial-and-error and lots of research,” she says. But she wants to be clear: What works for one may not work for all.

Enuke explains, “This is all information from personal research. I’m not an aesthetician. You have to pay attention to what your skin needs. I need a lot of sun, and I need a lot of moisture. I am not getting enough sleep or enough moisture right now so I have some spots.”

The 23-year-old is particularly fond of her nighttime regimen. “It’s my one meditative thing. My life does not have a lot of structure to it so at the end of the day being able to wash my face and put all these things on, it just calms me down. It makes me ready for bed and good dreams.” Below, a look at her intensive nighttime routine and how she avoids looking like a “disco ball.”

The Cleanser

“I’ve been using Aesop products for about three years now, and it’s central to my night routine. All their products are natural, and amazingly formulated, so I just keep going back as my skins needs change. This cleanser has salicylic acid and witch hazel so it cleanses the skin on a pore level as well as calm any inflammation that’s there.

If I’m wearing makeup I’ll usually take it off with a wipe first to get most of it off, just because I’m not a fan of moving pigment all over my face. This is a very gentle cleanser, but it won’t be effective if you just rinse your face with it. I learned from Nai, a beauty scientist that you need to massage it with water for over 60 seconds so that all the ingredients have time to get to work on your skin. Since I started doing that, it’s made such a difference in seeing results from pricier products. When my skin breaks out, usually because of my cycle, the most important thing is to calm down the inflammation.”

The Toner

“This toner has niacinamide and chamomile, who have anti-inflammatory properties, and helps shrink pores and calm the skin. The niacinimide (B3) is shown to help with hyperpigmentation. I regularly use it at the end of the day to calm my skin after cleansing and wearing makeup all day. Since I’ve started using this toner, my skin breaks out less often. ”

The Serums

“I use this like an essence after my toner. Marine Hyaluronics are lighter than hyaluronic acid but do the same thing, which is retain water in the skin. They’re naturally derived from red algae and certain marine bacteria that are safe for the skin. I love The Ordinary products: They’re cheap and effective, and they write little blurbs about the vitamins and what they do. This product makes my skin feel like it just drank a glass of water.”

“This is a good dupe for Glossier’s Bounce serum. B5 helps with cell turnover and is a great alternative to using Vitamin C or antioxidant-centric products. Cell turnover is when the skin gets new cells to replace dead or old ones. Certain antioxidants and vitamins help speed up this process or help it along.

This serum’s formula has hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights so that it can penetrate the skin on multiple level. It help my skin heal faster after a break out.”

“I use this twice a week at night. It keeps my pores tight and clean and prevents future breakouts as well as helps with hyperpigmentation, which I struggle with every time I have a breakout. I don’t use it every night since my skin is sensitive and can become inflamed from using BHA’s and AHAs too frequently.”

The Moisturizers

“This is a nice lightweight lotion I usually use in the summer, but in the winter, I put it over my serums to absorb everything into my skin. My skin gets super dry this time of year, and I usually have to layer on lotion. This one is formulated to help calm irritated and sensitive skin. It has no alcohol and a bit of panthenol, which helps accelerate the healing of skin wounds, hence the post-shave aspect.”

Weleda Skin Food

“This is my winter savior product. It’s too heavy for the warmer months but in winter, it keeps my skin hydrated all night and all day. I notice over time it helped to even the tone of my skin, as well. I came across this product on set. A lot of makeup artists use it to get a dewy glow on the skin. It does take a while to absorb into the skin so layering makeup on top doesn’t always work, especially if you stay away from matte foundations like me. Dewy + dewy = disco ball.

Using this lotion regularly helps keep it healthy and happy and keeps my moisture barrier intact. I use it instead of the Camelia Nut Aesop cream or alongside it when I need the extra moisture.”

“This is a calming lotion for sensitive skin that really comes in handy when the cold is a bit harsh or it’s really windy out. It also smells amaaziingg. It smells like sandalwood and rosemary. It’s very nutty/woody and soothing. The texture is medium-weight, not super thick. It’s also good for wearing under makeup, because it doesn’t take long to absorb into the skin.”

The Eye Cream

“This is a super simple eye cream you could technically make yourself, which is why I like it. It is super gentle for the skin around your eyes and keeps my eyes from getting puffy overnight. It’s got distilled water, aloe vera, witch hazel, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and squalane, which are all ingredients you can get at the health food store, pop in your blender and make into an easy cream for yourself.”

The Mist

“This spray is so handy. I use it as a refresh mist, a toner, to set my makeup, and to send me off to sleep. I love the smell and the light dewiness it provides. You can tell I’m heavy on the aromatherapy aspect of skin care and the rosemary oil in this is just icing on the cake.”

How This Musician Gets Her Skin So Good