No One Had a Better Weekend Than Anne Hathaway

Celebrity Sightings In Milan - February 23, 2024
Photo: MEGA/GC Images

What did you do this weekend? Not as much as Anne Hathaway, who managed to party her face off in Milan before jetting to Los Angeles for two back-to-back awards shows. That’s a lot of engagements for the princess of Genovia, but based on footage from the weekend, Annie was absolutely living.

On Friday night, our girl sat front row at Versace’s Milan show, sandwiched between a K-pop star and a British rocker, and wearing a sultry red dress from the very collection being shown. (She was overheard telling Anna Wintour, who apparently still talks to her even though she walked off a Condé Nast photo shoot in solidarity with striking workers, that she could breathe but not turn in the corseted dress.) Later that evening, she was spotted at the brand’s after-party, twerking to “Anaconda” in a checkerboard co-ord and sunglasses while a sea of admirers — including, per “Page Six,” Donatella herself — cheered her on. Even the Barbz had to admit she looked good:

The following night, Hathaway surfaced in Los Angeles for the SAG Awards, where she and her cerulean gown joined Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt for a Devil Wears Prada–themed nominee presentation. That was followed by Sunday’s Indie Spirit Awards, where she debuted a new haircut (bangs!!) and hung out with Andrew Scott. I literally cannot imagine a better three days, nor a more debilitating hangover-jetlag combo. Hope she’s recovering well!

No One Had a Better Weekend Than Anne Hathaway