Are Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Engaged?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Fresh off the heels of the press tour that kept on giving, there’s even more news about Dakota Johnson. If you believe the rumor mill, Johnson is set to become Mrs. Coldplay after six years of dating Chris Martin. According to the Mirror, the “besotted” couple have actually been engaged for longer than you think.

“The couple got engaged a while ago and have kept the news private. But now they are being open about it with their circles,” the source told the British tabloid. “They have been besotted with each other from day one so taking this next step was inevitable. They are in no rush to plan the wedding but are just enjoying making their commitment official.” The source also claimed that the couple have the full support of Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin’s ex-wife and co-parent.

Earlier this week, in an interview with Bustle, Johnson referred to Martin’s son as her stepson. When asked how she felt about being a stepmom, she said, “I love those kids like my life depends on it. With all my heart.” So even if these two aren’t actually engaged, they are definitely one big, happy family.

Johnson and Martin are not new to rumors swirling about them. Real Jartin-heads remember that back in 2018, everyone thought she was pregnant because they threw a party that featured balloons. Sure, those balloons were blue and pink, but it was still a stretch. A source later told TMZ that they were throwing a birthday party for someone else. In 2020, Johnson was spotted wearing a giant emerald on her ring finger, prompting the first wave of engagement speculation. With those incidents in the back of my mind, I’m taking this news with a grain of salt. I’ll believe it when I see a post on Goop about the best gifts for your ex-husband and his new wife.

Are Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Engaged?