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Artists Call for a Cease-fire on the Oscars Red Carpet

Photo: DAVID SWANSON/AFP via Getty Images

The stars arrived at the Oscars red carpet in Los Angeles tonight, and it seems some of them wore their hearts on their lapels. Tonight, as nominees made their way into the Dolby Theatre, the death toll in Gaza reached 30,960, according to Al Jazeera, and over 72,524 wounded as a result of the ongoing conflict with Israel and the subsequent humanitarian crisis.

While I’ve said it many a time, fashion is not the finish line when it comes to equity, but it is a vehicle for visibility, and some invitees used the platform they were afforded tonight to make a stand and call for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Stars including Ramy Youssef (in a thobe no less! Ramadan Kareem, Ramy!), Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, Mahershala Ali, Ava Duvernay, Daniel Scheinert (of the Everything Everywhere All at Once duo, the Daniels), Swann Arlaud (hot lawyer from Anatomy of a Fall!), Riz Ahmed, and Mark Ruffalo all either sported Artists4Ceasefire pins on their red carpet getups (yes, the same ones we saw at the Grammys as well). According to the organization’s website, Artists4Ceasefire is a “group of artists and advocates who have come together in response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Israel and Palestine,” who aim to lend their “platforms to amplify the global call for an immediate and permanent cease-fire, the safe return of all hostages, and the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilians in Gaza.” Youssef told Variety, “We’re calling for an immediate, permanent cease-fire in Gaza. We’re calling for peace and lasting justice for the people of Palestine.”

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While it does all feel a bit too much like The Hunger Games (which for some reason E! streamed right after the red carpet …), when we’d see scenes back to back of opulence, indulgence, and high fashion on display in the capital and of children dying, scrounging around looking for food and hoping to catch an airdrop of aid, all livestreamed to an awaiting audience (after all, history repeats itself and Suzanne Collins wrote the series after flipping through channels during the United States’s Iraq invasion), at least we’re seeing a tide turn when it comes to calling for peace. If you’ve got millions of eyeballs on you, might as well use that moment to say something you believe in.

Artists Call for a Cease-fire on the Oscars Red Carpet