Barry Keoghan Looking Hot Is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Barry Keoghan is leaning into his newfound hunk status. Gone are the days where he was that weird kid eating spaghetti in Killing of a Sacred Deer — now he’s the hot guy who bared it all in Saltburn. What’s more befitting for an A-list hottie than a Bumble partnership that is sure to become group-chat fodder?

Keoghan is the star of Bumble’s Valentine’s Day campaign, in which he looks sexy while lounging in the same ’70s-inspired liminal space where Taylor Swift did all of her Midnights promo.

It’s hard to pick a favorite photo. The first one, in which he’s lounging shirtless on a couch in short shorts, is kind of the obvious pick. But maybe you’re feeling drawn to the one where he’s lounging on a bed in a tank top and jeans. I can’t abide by jeans on the bed, but you do you. My pick is the second photo, where he’s leaning against a pool table in an unbuttoned shirt. I love seeing him do Americana cosplay.

Now, is the idea behind this campaign that Barry Keoghan is the kind of guy you might find on Bumble? Or that an app can give you a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of hot pics of a hot guy? It doesn’t really matter, I’m just grateful that this shoot exists. Congratulations to Sabrina Carpenter, who reportedly gets the real thing.

Barry Keoghan Looking Hot Is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift