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Bella Hadid Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without a Horse

Photo: Zoë Ghertner/Vogue Italia

Just when we were starting to wonder if Bella Hadid had given up the runway for rodeos for good, the model is back on the cover of Vogue Italia. Photographed by Zoë Ghertner, Hadid appears in Balenciaga standing on the back of a golden horse whose head, strangely, never appears in any of the photographs. (A behind-the-scenes clip reveals the horse is real and has kind eyes.)

While Hadid has long loved horses, competing in equestrian events, and she has recently embraced the cowgirl lifestyle. (She told Vogue her new uniform consists of cowboy boots and low-rise jeans, not unlike what she wore to a recent rodeo in Texas.) Her new boyfriend, Adan Banuelos, is a professional equestrian based in Fort Worth, where Hadid reportedly recently bought a home.

Hadid started dating Banuelos last year, around the same time that she took a break from the runway and scaled back many of her fashion gigs. While Hadid has yet to return to Fashion Week, she is gearing up to launch a new beauty line. Unclear if horses will be involved but, given the Lord of the Rings–meets-Doen branding she’s revealed so far, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Bella Hadid Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without a Horse