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43 Prime Day Home Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

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Yes, there are better (and more sustainable) places to shop online for home décor, home essentials, and kitchenware. But believe it or not, during Prime Day, you can find the best Amazon home-décor deals of the year.

Whether your summer project is redecorating your apartment, you binge-watched The Bear’s second season and want to become a chef, or you’re trying to make a home out of every hotel room and flight you book, we’ll be rounding up the best Amazon Prime Day home-décor and lifestyle deals, so you won’t miss them.

So what are you shopping for?

Home essentials
Home gadgets
Travel essentials
➼ Tech

For every other deal, head on over to our list of best Amazon Prime Day deals before the sale ends tonight.


Best Prime Day Décor Deals

Every lamp in my apartment has one of these smart bulbs, and I love them. Setting them up is incredibly easy, and they really add a special touch to every room.

If you don’t already own a lamp for your newfound smart bulbs, might I suggest a classic paper lantern?

Rugs make a big difference in any space. And with over 7,000 five-star reviews, customers really like this one.


Whether you’re a flower connoisseur or just like to chaotically buy your selection from Trader Joe’s, you’ll need vases. These glass ones are 30 percent off.

If real flowers aren’t your thing, this Lego bouquet has the approval of A$AP Rocky and RiRi.

When your living quarters are small, sometimes your workout gear is out in the open. At least make sure your yoga mat is cute by purchasing this yogi-favorite brand.

We’re still suckers for checkered-print home décor, and this option is comfortable and cute.

Bala Bangles - Monochromatic
From $41
From $41

Gone are the days of stacking your clunky weights on the corner of your room. Replace them with these bangle weights that will also complement your workout outfits.

A dollar off is not a sale but it is enough to enable purchasing yet another Sonny Angel (a.k.a. my and the internet’s latest obsession).

Use these to store your Sonny Angels or any other little trinket you have around your room. They are available in multiple colors so you can mix and match or go with a monochromatic theme.

Luxury candles are quick and easy way to shift the mood of the any room without really spending that much money.


Best Amazon Prime Day Home Essentials Deals

Casper Essential Pillow

Every Prime Day, this pillow from Casper is a top seller. It’s that good.

Zober Premium Velvet Hangers
$23 for 50
$23 for 50

Velvet hangers are backed up by pro closet organizers, so this is your sign to organize your closet and buy these ones that are on sale.

Amazon customers have spoken, and these are the most highly reviewed bedsheets on the site. While the king-size sheets are the ones on sale, the other sizes are still under $30.

Reviewers swear these are some of the best towels out there. So, if your bathroom needs some new ones, look no further.


Best Prime Day Home Gadgets Deals

If the poor air quality made you realize you need to invest in an air purifier, Amazon Prime Day is your best bet. This one works wonders in small spaces and is under $75.


If you’re willing to dish out more $$$, you can always count on Dyson for top-notch products.

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet

Stop spending your money on toiler paper and switch to owning a bidet. According to the product description you can easily install it in under ten minutes, and it has a universal fit.

Kasa Smart Plug - 2-Pack

Control your house electronics like you’re in a futuristic sci-fi movie thanks to these little squares. You do need an amazon Echo Dot to make these work, but …

Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen)

… luckily, Alexa herself is on sale for under $25.


Best Prime Day Kitchenware Deals

Stasher bags are always a good idea to purchase during Prime Day.

A coffee maker this cute will surely motivate you to make your own cup at home instead of buying out every day.

This is a great gift for any matcha lover in your life. Besides, you can never think too soon about holiday shopping!


Whether you want to store beauty products or snacks, this is a great deal on a personal mini fridge.

Caraway Home Cookware Set

It’s time to buy a set of matching pots and pans.

Prime Day data shows that one of day one’s top sellers was this can insulator from Yeti — you know, for having a cold one with the boys.

Keep your new cookware set shiny and clean with this liquid soap that cuts through grease.


Best Prime Day Travel Accessories Deals

We really thought this case didn’t make a difference until we tried it ourselves. It’s now a true travel essential.

When it comes to carry-ons and overall luggage, Samsonite is a frequent-flyer favorite, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Luggage deals are so good during Prime Day, we had to include another Samsonite must-have.

Apple AirTag, 4 Pack

Keep an eye on all your belongings by investing in AirTags.

Not your typical travel pillow, but a true game changer when it comes to being able to sleep comfortably(!) during long flights.

Become a packing pro by using packing cubes instead of hoping for the best and throwing everything blindly into your carry-on.

HYC00 Weekender Bag
From $23
From $23

If you’re planning a quick escape and need a weekender bag that isn’t ugly, this Barbie-pink one is one we’ve reviewed before.

You might be packing less clothing for your weekend trip, but we know all of your skin care is coming with you. This toiletry bag will keep everything properly organized.

Make in-flight entertaining easier by purchasing a Kindle instead of carrying your paperbacks.

Jisulife Handheld Mini-Fan

Whether you’re traveling to a tropical destination or just going around the block, with this heat, you’ll definitely need a mini-fan.

Best Prime Day Tech Deals

Capturing memories just got better thanks to this cute, under-$100 instant-film camera. The film packs are also on sale, so stock up!

If your keys are part of your home decoration (a.k.a. you never know where you leave them), consider buying this tracker so you at least can find them more easily.


Every Prime Day (and Black Friday!), these AirPods are a top seller. If you lost one ear piece and are in dire need of a new one, this is your sign.

Apple AirPods Max
From $480
From $480

If you want to chanel your inner Bella Hadid, then these are the ones to go with.

However, if Apple products don’t have a chokehold on you, might we suggest another fan favorite: the Sonny wireless noise-canceling headphones. They work (and look!) just as good.

Fitbit Charge 5

If you’re working on your fitness and need a gadget to help track your process, the Fitbit Charge 5 works wonders and pairs easily with any Google devices you might already own.

43 Prime Day Home Deals You Don’t Want to Miss