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My 5 Favorite Products From Bioderma (That Aren’t Micellar Water)

Three products from Bioderma — The Strategist reviews the skin care brand

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By now, you’re probably familiar with Bioderma’s micellar water. It’s a staple among both makeup artists and civilians, and I’ve raved about its powers many times before. For the unfamiliar: Micellar water uses light oils to break down dirt, makeup, and grime, in order to leave skin fresh, hydrated, and glowing. I probably own five bottles of it in different sizes, at any given time.

So imagine my surprise when one of my friends recently asked me what else I have from the brand, and when I shrugged and said I wasn’t even sure they made any other products, she informed me that Bioderma makes tons of other incredible products. I frantically turned to the internet and binge-purchased a few (too many) of their products. I’ve now essentially tried and tested essentially everything Bioderma makes and am happy to say that the brand is much more than just for micellar water aficionados. Everything they make is light and gentle, geared toward sensitive skin, and reasonably priced. Here’s a cohesive guide to everything Bioderma has to offer — besides its cult-favorite product.

I ran out of my Biologique Recherche Lait U and was devastated to have to buy another one (it’s very expensive). I decided to try Bioderma’s cleansing milk and I’m thrilled with the results. It kind of reminds me of Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser, but it’s better at dissolving makeup and makes my face feel cleaner without stripping off any of its natural oils. It is a milk, so it’s a bit conditioning as well as cleansing. My requirements for cleansers are that it doesn’t make me break out nor does it dry me out, and this does neither.

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I wasn’t totally sure what “eye contour” meant, but it immediately spoke to me. I often get little dots, medically known as milia, that make me look like I’m having a strange under-eye breakout. I’ve seen some research that says it could be linked to products, but this cream is specifically targeted for very sensitive under eyes, meaning it hydrates, plumps, and de-puffs without irritating my sensitive under-eye skin. This product hasn’t done much for dark circles, but it’s amazing for deeply moisturizing my under eyes and prepping it so that my concealer glides on perfectly afterward.

My best friend is an extremely tough critic of lip balms — no one will more carefully examine packaging, formula, and texture quite like she does. “You don’t understand,” she texted me, annoyed that I didn’t already own this product. “It’s perfect. It goes on so smoothly, stays on, it’s insanely hydrating, and I feel like it even somehow plumps my lips and makes them look bigger. It also smells nice.” And I’ve got to give it to her: This product is good, and has quickly become an in-flight staple of mine for when my lips are pruning and shriveling up into little raisins. It’s also one of the longest-lasting lip products I’ve ever tried.

I am a person that has to wear deodorant. I can’t afford to accidentally forget to put it on — I’m not some person whose sweat smells like laundry detergent. I’ve long stuck to Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and had been scared to try anything else. (I’ll never forget that time I decided to try out Tom’s … *shudder*). But I put this alcohol- and aluminum-free deodorant to the ultimate test: I went out in a tank top in 80-degree weather. And guess what? Come 5 p.m. I smelled good. It’s super-fresh smelling, more like baby powder than flowers. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new but also needs that extra — how should we put it? — “coverage.”

As I’ve mentioned a million times in my articles, I have really horrible eczema and psoriasis that I basically have to treat all the time, no matter the season. Treating it on the go has been a struggle — a lot of my most trusty eczema products come in massive bottles or jars. I historically have carried a tube of Vaseline in my bag, but it really didn’t do that much besides slightly protect the wound by coating it. Thankfully, Bioderma created this repairing cream, which acts as a temporary healing oil by calming any redness, irritation, or scaliness, and comes in a purse-friendly size.

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My 5 Favorite Products From Bioderma