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12 Stylish Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers.

How are your eyeballs lately? They’re probably experiencing some intense digital eye strain as a result of social distancing. Those stuck at home are spending an inflated amount of time (like, all day) staring at screens — phone, tablet, laptop, and television. If this sounds familiar, a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses can help.

According to the Vision Council, a group that represents eyeglasses manufacturers, individuals suffer from physical discomfort after screen use longer than just two hours (!!!) at a time. Blue light glasses can help reduce the symptoms, which include not only eye strain but also poor sleep (blue light after dark can disrupt your natural sleep patterns). It’s still recommended that you take frequent breaks from your devices even if you’re wearing a pair, but they’ll make a real difference. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best blue-light-blocking glasses that don’t sacrifice style.

If You Want Something Timeless

These simple, stylish readers are from Caddis, a self-proclaimed “anti-aging brand.” All of their glasses block blue light with your choice of lens magnification.

An Update of a Classic Shape

You already know Warby Parker, but maybe you didn’t know the company lets you add blue-light-blocking lenses to any of their styles. The Ames is a fresh take on the classic Clubmaster shape, with a bold brow line and rectangular lenses.

If You’re the E-Bookish Type

Felix Gray helped popularize the idea of wearing blue-light-blocking glasses as an office accessory. These gold-rimmed frames make a smart statement without shouting, and they filter 40 percent of blue light.

If You’re a Klutz

If you’ve ever sit on your own glasses, Warby Parker’s Hawthorne is for you. They’re made from ion-plated titanium that’s strong and light.

If You’re Always Losing Things

From $14

This inexpensive two-pack from Amazon gives you a back-up pair in case you easily lose things. Unfortunately, it only comes with blank blue light blocking lenses, so it won’t work if you have a prescription.

If You Like to Look on the Bright Side

The same black frames can get boring. Caddis’s Matte Bone is a stylish alternative that’s noticeable but still neutral, so you don’t have to worry about your glasses clashing with your shirt.

If You’re the Creative Type

Aviators have come back in a big way with the fashion crowd.

If You Appreciate Reliability

Lensabl can fill any frames you send their way with the lenses you want, but if you need the entire package, their most popular frame is the Hollywood. Tortoise shell subtly elevates your look.

If You Can’t Let Go of Your Readers

You don’t like trying new things, and that’s fine! These look like old-fashioned drug store readers, but with added blue light protection.

If You Want All Eyes on You

D28 is Caddis’ largest frame, made for people who’re looking to make a statement. It’s also available in black and fog.

If You Want Something Super Feminine

We had to include at least one cat eye on this list. The dusty pink shade mades this pair extra fun.

If You Can Pull Off Anything

The aviator shape, the rounded edges, and the bottle-green shade make these truly dramatic.

12 Stylish Glasses That Will Help With Your Eye Strain