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26 Best Bras for Big Boobs

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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If you have big boobs, you know all too well that shopping for bras can be a tedious and uncomfortable process. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong for something with so little fabric: a band that digs into your rib cage, an underwire that pokes and prods, straps that constantly fall down — the list goes on.

Here, we rounded up 26 of the best bras for bigger busts with recommendations from Cut junior fashion and beauty writer Asia Milia Ware, contributor Anne Cruz, Cosmopolitan digital creative director Abby Silverman, content creator Taylor Jannotte, model Morgan Louise, press agency founder Danika Daly, and writer and former Fashionista editor-in-chief Tyler McCall.

The Versatile Favorite

Sizes: 34B - 48F | Materials: Polyamide, polyester, and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp:  Hook and eye

If this bra is good enough for 3,000-plus five-star reviewers, it’s good enough for you. With its sheer lace details, wide and supportive straps, variety of shades, and affordable price point, we can certainly see why. The only con is that it tends to ride high up the sides, so you won’t be able to wear it with certain tank tops. Unless you’re aiming for that Y2K aesthetic. —Anne Cruz

The Best T-shirt Bra

Sizes: 32B - 44E | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

I absolutely love this bra! It’s my everyday go-to, and I basically own it in every color. As someone with a larger chest (34DD), this bra gives the ideal amount of support, is incredibly comfortable, and looks great under everything. It embodies the “no-makeup makeup” concept for bras — the girls look secure and supported in their natural state/size without being overly enhanced. —Abby Silverman

The Best Back-Smoothing Bra

From $23

Sizes: 34B-40DD | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

This molded cup style might take up half of your lingerie drawer, but it will be one of the best bras in your collection because it smooths and lifts in all the right places. I have it in three colors and wear it with T-shirts, turtlenecks, and sweaters. It’s a great full-coverage bra that doesn’t feel like I have papier-mâché versions of my boobs under my shirt. —Taylor Jannotte 

The Best Everyday Bra

Sizes: 36C-46G | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

This is a perfect everyday bra. It’s wire-free, so it feels as comfy as a bralette, but it still gives the support and shape of a traditional bra. It also has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 and more than 2,000 reviews saying how it fits perfectly without digging in. —Morgan Louise

The Best Everyday Bralette

Sizes: XS-4XL | Material: Nylon and elastane | Silhouette: V-neck | Clasp: None

I’ve gone through so many bras to find the right fit, and my absolute favorite one is the Harper Wilde Bliss Bralette. This bra especially came in clutch after I had my baby; it makes nursing and the new necessity of having to wear a bra overnight (because milk) painless. It’s so comfortable and supportive that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a bra at all. —Danika Daly

The Best Affordable Bra for Big Boobs

Sizes: 36B-48DDD | Material: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

Finally, a bra you won’t want to sling across the room the moment you get home. This bra has almost 4,000 five-star reviews (!!!) from customers saying it’s the best bra they’ve ever had. The only potential downside is that the bra’s high coverage might peek out from certain necklines. —A.C.

The Best Balconette Bra for Big Boobs

Sizes: 30A-38H | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Balconette | Clasp: Hook and eye

My favorite “regular” bra is the CUUP Balconette. It’s so pretty, and CUUP does virtual fittings to help you choose the right size, ensuring comfort and a smooth fit. —D.D.

If You Like Bras That Close in Front

Sizes: 36B-42G | Material: Polyester and cotton | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

Customers love the thick straps on this lacy full-coverage bra, and the racerback design helps prevent the straps from slipping off every five seconds. Some reviewers note that the fabric is lightweight and unpadded, so it’s a good pick to wear under a sweater, but not so much with thin T-shirts. —A.C.

The Best Minimizer Bra for Big Boobs

Sizes: 32D-44G | Material: Polyamide and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

Frequent Cut contributor Aude White has raved about Chantelle, a French brand that makes bras that are both well fitting and sexy. This minimizer can reduce up to a cup and a half in size and has a 4.5-star rating out of 5. —A.C.

A Plunge-Neckline Option

Sizes: 32AA-44H | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Plunge | Clasp: Hook and eye

This bra is absolute perfection when I’m looking for a light lift. The deep V is great for tops with a plunging neckline. I also love the little mesh detailing on the strap. — A.S. 

The Sexiest Mesh Bra

From $68

Sizes: 30A-44H | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Plunge | Clasp: Hook and eye

There’s something about mesh that instantly makes me feel sexy. But everything about this bra makes me feel sexy: the color, the plunge, the shape. I rave about it to all my friends who are in search of a new bra, especially one that fits great under tees (just wear the nude color so it doesn’t show through). Writer Tyler McCall is also an avid fan of this bra. —A.M.W.

The Sexiest Performance Sports Bra

Sizes: 32C-40E | Material: Polyester, polyamide, and elastane  | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Hook and eye

Serena Williams, the GOAT, wears sports bras only from Berlei. I’m sold! —A.C.

The Supercomfortable, Wire-Free One

Sizes: 32C-44H | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Full coverage | Clasp: Drop needle front closure

I’m almost never the girl who reaches for a full-coverage bra, but when I absolutely need it, Felina is my go-to. Its bras are designed with a comfortable fit that shapes and supports breasts without any annoying underwire. While this bra is designed for a plunge fit, it still gives an ample amount of coverage and has zero spillage. —A.M.W

The Best Bralette for Big Boobs

Sizes: XXS-4XL | Material: Polyamide and elastane | Silhouette: Triangle | Clasp: Hook and eye

I didn’t know I could wear bralettes until I tried Skims. As someone with double Ds, I always thought bralettes were out of the question because they lacked coverage. But when quarantine ended and I started going out again, I found it really uncomfortable to go back to underwire bras, so I opted for Skims’ bralette — and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only does it feel comfortable all day long, but it gives me the perfect cleavage and has a soothing and flattering fit. —A.M.W.

The Best Adjustable Sports Bra for Big Boobs

Sizes XS-6XL | Material: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Silhouette: Racerback | Clasp: Zip-up closure

You know those ads that won’t stop popping up on Instagram but look too good to be true? That’s what Shefit was for me. I saw its bras during my daily scrolls so often that I had to try one for myself — and I was amazed. I’ve tried a lot of high-impact sports bras, and this is in no way average. I love the fact that it has a zip front that’s secured with an auto lock, because I’ve had sports bras slowly zip down on me. The best part by far is the adjustable straps. You can customize the shoulder straps and the bust band for the most compressible and supportive fit. Good-bye to the days of jumping boobies: My morning runs and HIIT workouts will never be the same. —A.M.W.

The Barely There Option

Sizes: 32A-44G | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Balconette | Clasp: Hook and eye

Soma’s designs are all about comfort. Its underwire options feel as if they were wireless, and they always provide the best support. —A.M.W.

The Best High-Impact Sports Bra for Big Boobs

Photo: retailer

Sizes: 00-8 | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Racerback| Clasp: Hook and eye

With ten hook-and-eye closures, this bra keeps everything in place during the most intense workouts. The only con is that “it takes an act of God and a willing partner to get into,” as one reviewer notes. —A.C.

The Best Strapless Style

Sizes: 30D-44G | Material: Polyamide and spandex | Silhouette: Strapless | Clasp: Hook and eye

Does the perfect strapless bra even exist? According to the hundreds of customers who bought this one, Wacoal has designed it. Its Red Carpet strapless bra features grippy silicone to keep it from sliding down throughout the day. —A.C.

The Best Triangle Bra

Sizes: XS-3XL | Material: Recycled yarn and cotton | Silhouette: Triangle | Clasp: Hook and eye

With cup sizes going up to DD and F, we highly recommend Parade’s triangle bralette (that will even look great as a barely-there top). Plus, there are exciting color options that will encourage you to leave your beige-and-black comfort zone. Jannotte is also a fan of Parade and recommends the plunge design, which is very similar to the triangle bralette, but, like the name suggests, is better suited to wear with more low-cut tops. —A.M.W.

The Best Sweat-Wicking Bra

Sizes: 1XL-4XL | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Racerback| Clasp: None

Nike’s Dri-FIT line ensures that your sweat stays off your skin, even during the most intense workouts. This longline option is a popular style thanks to the comfy longline band, the full-coverage silhouette, and the fast that it won’t dig into your back or shoulders. Reviewers give this the seal of big-boob approval when it comes to their workouts.

The Best Racerback

Sizes: 32B-38DD |
Material: Cotton  | Silhouette: Racerback | Clasp: Drop needle front clasp

Bigger boobs deserve racerback bras that aren’t limited to sports bras. With its slight boob-lifting effect and the velvety-smooth fabric, this bra is easily a go-to for daily wear. It is a personal favorite during the summer and for vacation under light tank tops. —A.M.W.

The Best Longline Bralette

Sizes 36DD-40DD.
Material: Polyamide and elastane  | Silhouette: Longline | Clasp: Hook and eye

You can never go wrong with a sultry longline bra; it’s flattering to the waist and gives an instant and natural lift. This lace design is a nice treat for your lingerie drawer. —A.M.W. 

The Best Option for Backless Clothing

Sizes S-XXL | Material: Polyester and foam | Silhouette: Pasties | Clasp: None

Misses Kisses’ bra kit is here to save the day for all those backless pieces that big-boobed women usually just skim by. We were skeptical at first, but after seeing the many viral videos on TikTok, we had to do more research. The key to getting the perfect fit is to book a virtual consultation. Misses Kisses helps you pick the best pad size and wire, and you can extend the return policy beyond the usual 21 days so you have more time to test it out. Louise got her hands on this kit recently and was pleasantly surprised. “I didn’t expect it to work for me, but I’m super-impressed with it!” —A.M.W.

Built-In Bra, Anyone?

Sizes: 0-5 | Material: Bamboo, cotton, spandex | Silhouette: One-shoulder bodysuit | Clasp: None

Let’s be honest: There are some days that you want to be 100 percent braless, but with a larger bust, it’s not always that easy. Insert: Buzzoms, the brand that’s creating wearable pieces with built-in bras that actually cater to larger breasts. This bodysuit effortlessly cups boobs with high support (yes, even with a one-shoulder design). It’s a nice going-out piece that still allows you to be comfortable, supported, and at ease. —A.M.W.

The Best Bandeau Bra

From $28

Sizes: 34C-40DD | Material: Nylon and elastane | Silhouette: Bandeau | Clasp: Hook and eye

I’ve had this bra since high school, and I am telling you: Run, don’t walk. This bra stays up all night even with some hard-core dancing — trust me, I’ve tested this more times than I can count. The key is that it’s a wired bandeau-style bra, so the girls are tucked in without any real muffin-top boob action, which always makes the bra fall down. The silhouette doesn’t work for all necklines, but when it does, I definitely recommend this bandeau style. —T.J. 

The Best Convertible Bra

Sizes: 34DD-44H | Material: Nylon and spandex | Silhouette: Convertible | Clasp: Hook and eye

This is definitely my favorite strapless bra that I’ve tried. Most of them lack support, but the construction on this bra is impressive. The convertible straps are there so you can wear it seven ways depending on the neckline of your outfit, and it has a push-up effect for extra lift. —M.L.


What are the criteria for a good bra for big boobs?

Well, a good start is that it doesn’t do any of those aforementioned things. A bra with amazing support is a must, and you want it to lie as smooth against your skin as possible to prevent any bunching or digging. The lift you get in a bra actually comes from the band, not the straps, so you want to make sure it fits securely around your ribs and moves with you. Wide straps also help when it comes to choosing a bra for larger cup sizes. You’ll have more support and avoid those annoying marks left on your shoulders at the end of the day.

What’s the best silhouette for a bra for big boobs?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’d prefer to avoid or at least minimize cleavage, a full-coverage or minimizer bra would be up your alley, but if you want to show the girls off, opt for a plunging style that still provides lift. Of course, the style you choose should take into consideration the outfit you want to wear so that scoop-neck tank top or one-shoulder dress doesn’t show your bra underneath. Above all, you should be comfortable. Everyone deserves a bra that fits!

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