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9 Stylish and Comfortable Block Heels Under $150

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Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual— here to make your weekdays easier.

The grandma-looking block heel isn’t a new trend — early adopters have been wearing the chunky shoes for a few years now. But it’s gone mainstream, as evidenced by Everlane’s wildly popular Day heels and Nordstrom’s devoted search filter. And for good reason: Block heels are comfortable, sensible, and very work-friendly. They look good with nearly everything in your closet, from dresses to skirts and even pants. The trick to keeping them from delving into schlumpy territory? Show a bit of ankle. Scroll ahead to shop our favorites that are $150 or less — sometimes much less.

The Everyday Pair

Made with stretchy straps, these comfy suede heels are easy to pull on when you’re in a rush.

If You Want to Shake It Up (Just a Little)

Black wrap-around straps add some drama to sedate gray shoes, but these will still look appropriate worn with work pants.

The Color of the Season

Photo: afront

Fiery red coupled with swishy tassels makes getting dressed for work more fun.

The Pretty, Trendy One

These would make for a stylish festive option as we approach the holiday party season.

The Leg Lengthener

Worried a short block heel will turn your calves into stumps? Try a pointy, slimmer take like this navy pair.

When You Want to Match Your Blazer

Because It’s Fall

Match the turning leaves (or at least the local hot-dog venders) in mustard.

The One That Always Sells Out

Everlane’s popular Day heels have sold out twice now. If this is your first foray into a block style, here’s a good starting point.

The Ugly-Cool Option

Photo: afront

For the type of person who was an early adopter of awkward high-waisted pants, these grandma-looking pumps are right up your alley.

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9 Stylish and Comfortable Block Heels Under $150