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16 Pairs of Sunglasses That Look Expensive But Cost Under $100

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I love sunglasses, and I’m proud to say that I’ve built up a pretty solid collection over the years. Even though I thought the “best sunglasses” were tinted and rimless with little heart-shaped gems in the corners as a preteen, I soon learned the value of durable designs, timeless silhouettes, and brand names. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who has a fabulous collection of shades (that I used to steal … and sometimes still do), which fueled my love of designer sunglasses. And while they may last longer than the cheap pair, there’s still a chance you spend $300 to $400 on super-trendy lenses that will go out of style in no time. Or worse, a classic pair that gets duped by an affordable brand so you’re left wondering why you spent so much money in the first place.

Enter affordable sunglasses. Stylish and functional sunglasses that won’t break the bank do exist — and I rounded up 16 of the best options, below. Because yes, you definitely need at least one pair of cool shades that didn’t cost a fortune (so you’re not devastated when they get crushed in your tote bag or left behind on an airline). Whether you want to protect your eyes from the sun, elevate an outfit, hide your face after a long night, or even avoid eye contact in awkward social settings, keep scrolling to shop the best cheap sunglasses under $100.

The Best Sunglasses Under $25

The Best Celine Dupes

These Celine-reminiscent glasses have such a good shape. And at just $15, why not splurge and get them in every color?

For the Micro Maven

It’s no surprise to anyone that the micromini-lens has made a serious comeback. Style these slender oval shades with a ’9os Julia Roberts–inspired look if you want to nail the trend.

The Funky Pair

The traditional cat’s-eye lens gets a quirky upgrade with these scalloped shades. They’re available in a classic black, but you might as well go all out with the lavender colorway.

If You Want to Channel Kim Kardashian

Whether you’re posing on the beach in a Skims metallic swimsuit or attending the Renaissance World Tour, these futuristic shades will make a statement.

The Best Affordable Aviators

These rose-gold lenses make the classic aviator silhouette feel fresh and playful.

If You Like the Retro Look

If you haven’t heard, your grandma’s favorite sunglasses are trending. From Margot Robbie’s re-creation of the iconic 1959 doll in the Barbie trailer to your favorite fashion influencers, it’s pretty clear that these retro ’60s-inspired shades have never really gone out of style.

The Best Sunglasses Under $50

This Y2K-Inspired Pair

While I could probably dig up my sunglasses from fifth grade, these tinted ones with jewel embellishments are a more modern alternative.

For a Little Bit of Sparkle

When the sunlight hits these crystal gems, you’ll be beaming.

A Pop of Pink

Aire Ceres

If you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of “Hi, Barbie!” sunglasses, look no further than these fuchsia frames.

The ‘70s Frames

Totally tiny sunglasses aren’t for everyone. Take it back to the flower-power era with these oversize sunnies.

The Best Sunglasses Under $100

The Best Sporty Pair

Lean into the Formula 1 aesthetic with these semi-rimless sunglasses. They’re ideal for running errands, daytime hangouts, or pairing with your favorite football jersey.

The Shades That Go with Everything

Ray-Ban is well known for its wayfarer and aviator styles. But if you’re into the tiny shade trend and want a classic option that has a retro twist, you’ll love these elegant frames.

If You Want Futuristic Frames

Even with the resurgence of styles from the ’90s and the early aughts, you can’t go wrong with a futuristic look. These wraparound sunnies are the sleek and chic version of the space goggle.

The Best Skinny Sunglasses

Le Specs is a go-to sunglass brand for fashion people. These sleek shades come in tortoise, tort, rose, and this cool lucite caramel colorways.

An Oversized Cat-Eye

Cat’s-eye shades are forever classic. Whether you’re channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the everyday stylings of Jackie O., these give the air of sophistication without the high price tag.

The Angular Option

This elevated cat’s-eye silhouette will give your face a flattering, lifted effect, thanks to the angular frames.

16 Pairs of Expensive-Looking Sunglasses for Under $100