The Best Clogs to Wear Right Now

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

Like my ring collection, my shoe collection has expanded during quarantine. It’s not as though my feet are getting any attention on Zoom calls, but the shoes I’ve added all have one thing in common: I can slip them on and go. These are the shoes you keep right by the door for when you need to run out and grab a package or power-walk to the wine shop before it closes. Personally, my all-time favorites are Crocs (the hottest clog out there for under $70).

Clogs have been a chic-mom staple for ages, but with the Hermès clog causing a stir and quickly selling out, it seemed fair to say that they’re having a new moment within the fashion community. From rubber styles perfect for April showers to classic wooden clompers, there’s a clog for everyone. Read on for some of our current favorites.

The Off-Roading Clog

The Platform Clog

These clogs are a personal favorite. I have them in three colors: black, white, and orange. To spice them up a little, you can always add a personalized Jibbitz.

The Recent Favorite

Newly popular among fashion people, these are perfect for planting flowers in your garden or running to the corner bodega during a rainstorm.

The Super Comfy Birkenstock Clog

If you have plantar fasciitis or have to stand on your feet for long hours, this shoe might be the one for you.

The One to Wear With Sun Dresses

The woven fabric makes these summery, while the heel makes them feel a little less casual.

The Neon Clog

Yes, the shape is a classic, but the bright-green color makes it feel new and bold for spring.

The Animal-Print Clog

Spice up your life with these luxe clogs in trendy cow print.

The Vegan-Friendly Clog

There’s something very appealing about the ugly-cute, snub-nosed shape of a clog — it’s like the pug of shoes. The bubble shape on these vegan leather clogs takes the concept to the next level.

The Buckled Clog

The high platform and the strap across the instep make these feel special, and they’ll look equally good with a skirt or jeans.

The Puddle Clog

Looks Like It’s Clog O’Clock