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So You’ve Decided to Buy a Fancy Fanny Pack

Wear them with your Matrix-y coat. Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The humble fanny pack has made its glorious return. Street-style stars are wearing them, celebrities are wearing them, and yes, dads on vacation are still wearing them. It’s the golden age of bum bags — except now they’re called sophisticated names like “belt bags” and worn slung over the shoulder (a.k.a. improperly!). With them, your lip balm, phone, or wallet is never more than a zip or a Velcro away. If you’re going to get in on this trend while it lasts, here are the prettiest, flashiest, most functional, best designer fanny packs.

Most Gucci-esque

The pleating is similar to the one the Italian brand makes.

The Design-y One

Maybe you appreciate a sculptural twist with your clothes; maybe you are a bit quirky. Either way, this is the fanny pack for you.

For the Chosen One

For the Sophisticated Shopper

This spacious black leather fanny pack would look perfect belted over an oversize suit.

The Hypebeast-y Option

Whatever you think of the streetwear provocateur, he does know his way around a trendy nylon accessory.

The Pink Option

Not over millennial pink? Perennial French girl Isabel Marant has got you covered.

The Micro Pack

Tiny bags are in. Fanny packs are in. Ergo this bag is in.

The Athletic Bag

If you work out, or just want to look like it.

The Camp-Counselor Option

Pairs well with menswear-style khakis and logo tees.

The Ladylike One

Soft olive leather and the gold buckle let you enjoy the practicality of the pack without sacrificing a feminine lewk.

The ’90s Revival

The nylon Prada backpack for 2018.

If You Go to a Lot of Raves

Chains fit for Burning Man. Meet you on the playa!

The Collector’s Item

Look, we get it — you want something by Virgil Abloh before he goes to Louis Vuitton.

The One Everyone Loves

If you want to look like a true street-style star, this is the bag to get. What can you keep in it? Clout.

If You Just Love Accessories

Do your part to bring back the charm bracelet while you’re at it.

The High-Impact Bag

We’ve got color, we’ve got quilted leather, we’ve got Miu Miu — all in one little bag.

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The 16 Fanciest Designer Fanny Packs