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37 Best Father’s Day Gifts No Dad Can Resist

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Shopping for dads and the other men in our lives can be hard. They may be a little shy about mentioning it, but men love cool stuff just as much as the next person. With Father’s Day quickly following Mother’s Day, we’re sure he’s expecting something just as cool — or just as cozy — as what you gifted Mom. Yes, dads love robes too, so don’t leave him out!

We’ve rounded up the best Father’s Day gift ideas for literally every kind of dad. Yes, that means you’ve got the usual go-tos (the grills, the polos, and the watches) but what makes a Father’s Day present a good one is one that really speaks to his hobbies (besides making dad jokes, that is).

From the best grilling gadgets for the dad who loves to grill and cook to a coffee subscription service for the dad who recently retired and is really enjoying his leisure time with his trusty cup of joe, scroll to shop all our picks below.

For the Dad on the Go

No more excuses for skipping breakfast: This sandwich-maker lets him easily cook up eggs, meat, and bread in one go. Don’t worry, it’s even easier to clean.

For the Dad Who Packs a Little Too Light

Dads are simple people; some of them don’t have one suitcase for just shoes and one suitcase for clothes. Some of them can pack five pairs of underwear for a five-day vacation and be fine. The Tumi Alpha Split Travel Kit is for those dads. This comfortable-size kit can do both and provide clear windows — easy to get through TSA.

For the Dad Who Likes to Work Out


Whether he loves hitting the gym or just has a bad back, this portable, quiet massage gun is perfect for soothing aching muscles.

For the Dad Who Loves to Grill

This set has everything he needs to fire up the barbecue and more — including a bag to take his favorite tools on the go. You never know when grilling duty will call.

For the Dad Who Really Loves to Grill

Make sure he’s prepared to grill any time or place with this portable model he’ll want to keep on hand for camping and tailgating ventures.

For the Dad Who’s Over Old Spice

Whether you’re buying a gift for a new dad who wants to keep things fresh or a seasoned dad who’s due for a change, this crisp and clean scent that has a heavier take on a floral is a sure thing.

For the Forgetful Dad

$55 for 2

As much as dads love to pretend they have it all together, they don’t. This is pretty self-explanatory: Tile stickers are a stick-on tracker that connect to your phone and let you know where your most cherished items are at all times. So the keys, wallet, suitcase, and most beloved golf club are all being looked out for.

For the Dad Who Loves His Garden


And is complaining about his knees. This thoughtful gift will be the talk of the town when he starts tending his garden for longer and with little to no lingering joint pain.

For the Dad Who Needs New Clothes

This pant made of linen is the perfect addition to match everything in his closet.

Available in sizes XS to XXL.

For the Dad Who Needs a New Signature Scent

Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

If he needs a new signature scent and is always talking about how he wants to retire in a place near the ocean, gift him this scent from Louis Vuitton. With hints of lemon, basil, coriander, and more, it’s the perfect blend to wear on a daily basis.

For the Photographer Dad

HP Sprocket

For all those photos of the kids he’s endlessly snapping.

For the Dad Whose Phone Is Always About to Die

A sleek nonslip pad makes charging about as simple as it gets.

For the Dad Who Loves Espresso

This very cool-looking, very old-school espresso-maker brews up two perfect cups.

Or Just Loves Coffee in General

If your dad has the same coffee routine every morning, he’ll be more than excited to try out new beans. Gift him this Big Island box that not only includes coffee and tea but also Hawaiian Coffee Lip Balm.

For the Dad Who Loves Practical Footwear

In good news for fathers everywhere, crocs are back, baby! Hook him up with this classic version before introducing him to the wide world of Jibbitz.

For the Dad Who Has Places to Go

Not your regular weekender bag, but definitely one your dad will appreciate, especially if he’s always on the go.

For the Dad Who’s Ready for Summer

If you know your dad will want to live in sandals all summer, make sure they’re a stylish and comfy pair like these Birkenstocks.

For the Dad Who Needs a Massage

Instead of booking him a day at a spa, give him this neck and back massage device that he can use anywhere and anytime.

For the Dad Who Needs a Trim

Easy to use and even easier to charge, this affordable beard trimmer comes with three interchangeable combs.

For the Dad Who’s Always on Time

Braun Watch

Give him a very chic way to keep track of time. This minimalist watch is made of super-slim stainless steel, so it’s not bulky and matches just about anything.

For the Dad Who Loves Podcasts


He may not splurge on these himself, but surprise him with some everyday luxury.

For the Dad Who Plays Into the Dad-Shoe Trend

Not every dad can be a cool sneakerhead. Luckily, the nerdy and comfortable sneakers that dads often opt for are still a bit trendy.

For the Stylish Dad

From $55

This lightweight, cotton shirt is perfect for the dad who need a simple nice shirt.

Available in sizes S to 3X.

For the Dad Who Idolizes Paul Newman

Classically cool, and affordable enough to be low stakes, these just might make a stylish dad’s fashion dream come true.

For the Foodie Dad

Blue Apron
From $48
From $48

If he has cabinets full of sauces and spices and perfectly seasoned cast-iron pans, gift him a subscription box from Blue Apron. This will allow him to graduate from the grill and put his skills to the test.

For the Dad Who Appreciates Comfort

Made for lazy weekend mornings, this fluffy cotton robe has a plush hood.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

For the Dad Who Taught You How to Cook

Culinary personality Molly Baz’s dad makes delightful appearances in her videos and tutorials, so it feels fitting to give your dad her first cookbook, which happens to be full of crowd-pleasing new dishes to add to his repertoire.

For the Dad Who Loves to Layer

A little retro and timelessly cool, this lightweight jacket will set him apart from all the dads in identical fleece vests.
Available in sizes S to XL.

For the Dad With Exceptional Taste in Music

We all know dads have a collection of records in the basement that are currently collecting dust, so allow them to put those records to use. This Sony belt-drive turntable will satisfy even the biggest music snob.

For the Dad Who Needs a Skin-Care Routine

Some men are unfortunately turned off by the idea of upkeep and beauty rituals, so meet him half way. A beard balm is a way of tricking your dad into self-care in a way that he can understand.

For the Dad Who’s Always Puttering Around Outside

A headlamp is useful for grilling after sunset, checking on weird nighttime noises, and a whole host of other classic dad jobs.

For the Who’s Into Interior Design

From $15

He might be picky when it comes to décor, but you can’t go wrong with gifting him some quality towels from Tekla.

For the Dad Whose Wallet Is Crumbling


Not too flashy, this sleek leather Timberland card-holder will look right at home in his back pocket.

For the Gourmet Dad

Exactly the right size for a nice cut of steak — which, come to think of it, would be a great addition to this gift.

For the Dad Who Loves to Nap

A kinder alternative to a box of anti-snoring nasal strips.

For the Committed Dad

This will look rad engraved with the kids’ initials, or even just “DAD.”

For the Exercise Dad

These sleek shorts are lightweight and will wick away sweat so he can enjoy his intense workouts. Added bonus:

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