17 Fisherman Sandals That Are Actually Cute

Photo-Illustration: The Cut

Every so often, a fashion trend pops up seemingly out of nowhere. Last summer, that trend was fisherman sandals — as in the woven sandals historically worn by infants, uncles, and actual wielders of the rod and the reel. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. They’re such a thing, you wouldn’t be crazy to imagine that the Olsen twins and Alessandro Michele convened a small tribunal, like fashion’s Knights of the Round Table, and decided that, yes, we would all look like fishermen this summer.

Maybe it’s a return to functionality — many people have gotten more used to walking and biking places since the pandemic. Maybe everyone wants to pretend they’re in Greece wearing their best summer frocks. Or maybe these hypothetical fishermen were really onto something. Either way, we’ve culled 17 cute options that require no rods or bait, below.

If You Want Something Simple, But Not Too Simple

Nothing says “summer” like a lemony yellow.

If You’re 30 Going on 13

Or maybe you’re planning on getting in the water.

If You’re a Minimalist

The square toe is also a nice design touch.

If You Just Want Something Classic

That’s basically J.Crew’s motto.

If You Bike to Work

If You Like Wearing Color

You will not see many shoes in this color at the marina.

If You Want Something Dainty

If You Want a Solid Under-$55 Option

Charles & Keith is one of fashion editors’ fave brands to find great-quality shoes at great prices.

If You’re Into Gen-Z Green

Fishermen would just call this “green,” but would still be into these.

Or You’re Still Into Millennial Pink

No shame. It’s literally just a color. One that makes these fishermen sandals very covetable.

If You Want a Shiny Splurge

If You Want to Splurge Splurge

If You Want Something More Surreal

If You Can Invest in the New Classics

These shoes are so architectural, you could practically live inside of them.

If You Want Something Freaky

If You Want a Few Extra Inches

Or a Whole Lot of Inches

These are not your fisherman’s fisherman sandals. Both in inches and in price.

17 Fisherman Sandals That Are Actually Cute