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12 Perfect Pairs of Jeans for Curvy Women, No Matter What Your Style

Historically speaking, jeans shopping has been a particularly fraught event for plus-size girls. Luckily, as brands (slowly) catch on to the idea that women sizes 12 and up deserve to look good too, we now have nearly as diverse a range of style options as our straight-size sisters. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best on the market, from super skinnies to funky flares.

Basic Blue Skinny Jeans

This well-reviewed pair goes with everything.

“Boyfriend” Jeans, No Dudes Required

Slouchy without being sloppy, and distressed without being shredded.

Some Just Slightly Fancy Slacks

Wear these elegant belted trousers for casual Friday.

Dark, Destroyed Denim

Pairs nicely with a killer cropped biker jacket (they make those in plus-sizes now, too!)

A Bright White Pair

Perfect for a classically preppy look, Labor Day be damned.

A Gamine Jean

With their tailored taper and buttoned back pockets, this pair is full of boyish charm.

Modern Mom Jeans

A comfy, retro fit if skin-tight’s just not your thing.

Posterior-Framing Straight Legs

This timelessly styled pair is designed to hug your curves.

Vintage-Inspired Bell Bottoms

If you’re sick of super skinny jeans, try this ’70s style on for size.

Bootcuts for a Bangin’ Butt

Somewhere between straight and flared — not that anyone will be looking at your ankles.

A Leg-Lengthening Pair

Seams running down the front of each leg will make you look crazy tall. Your standard step hem could never.

A Pair That’s Stitched-Up Sexy

For those who’d rather get tied up than tied down.

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12 Perfect Pairs of Jeans for Curvy Women