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The 16 Best Lip Oils That Deliver Hydration and Shine

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After years of eradicating the oil from your moisturizer, face wash, and makeup, it’s baaaack. There are face oils, body oils, and the newest iteration: lip oils. Lip oils were sort of around in recent years, but several new versions have hit the market, suggesting beauty companies really want your lips oily.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, don’t worry: Lips oils are really just an upgraded version of lip gloss, delivering the shiny color without any of the sticky gunk. To roundup the best of the best, we scoured the internet and social media for the top-reviewed lip oils and layered on every one we could get our hands on. If you’d like to give a lip oils a try, we’ve picked out some of our favorites below.

The Best Drugstore-dupe Lip Oil

Known widely on TikTok as a Dior dupe, this lip oil is under $10 and currently on sale. With six shades, the brush-on lip oil will give you a similarly glossy finish with a sheer tint. The formula features meadowfoam-seed and coconut oils to moisturize and smooth lips. People have given it nearly 2,000 five-star reviews, loving how well the lightweight oil softens their lips.

The Magiclike Lip Oil

Color-changing lip products can be hit or miss, but this lip oil is an instance in which the adjusting pH pigment is more than a gimmick. The five punchy, sheer jelly shades add a hint of color and a gloss. The tint sits comfortably on your lips with a moisturizing and smoothing blend of plant-based squalane and prickly pear oil to keep lips plump and prevent the tint from settling into lines.

The Best Nude Lip Oil

Offering a color palette of warm browns and neutral tones, Merit’s lip oil is another favorite making the rounds on TikTok. With a formula made up of rose-hip-, jojoba-, and grapeseed oils, reviewers say it’s not too slick or too sticky. While most reviewers find it moisturizing, they note you may have to reapply it often.

The Best Plumping Lip Oil

From $29

An upgrade on the original and longtime-favorite original Lip Comfort Oil, this newer, smoother version comes in eight lip-plumping and protecting shades. In this new formula, you’ll find jojoba and hazelnut oils to smooth lips and add shine. You can wear this on its own or use it to prime and prep your lips for lipstick application.

The Most Pigmented Lip Oil

If you want more color payoff, opt for these juicy oil-gloss hybrids from Kosas. With eight shades, including three shimmers, the plumping and moisturizing lip treatment features hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and avocado and evening-primrose oils. While this is called a gloss and an oil (it’s both!), reviewers say it’s nourishing and not sticky.

The TikTok-favorite Lip Oil

Nothing sparks a renewed interest in anything quite like TikTok. One viral lip oil is Dior’s Lip Glow Oil, nearly sold out everywhere. The coveted tubes of the sheer, glossy oil impart a balmy hint of color and shine with a slightly minty scent and no stickiness whatsoever. Even model Bella Hadid is a fan. If you’re quick enough, you can still grab a Lip Glow Oil from Dior’s website. Be sure to fill up your cart with free samples.

The Completely Clear Lip Oil

If the shimmers and sheer tints aren’t for you, Jouer’s lip oil is the perfect option. It’s moisturizing, super-glossy, and practically clear. The glassy oil is full of nourishing ingredients for dry lips including apricot and jojoba-seed oils to lock in moisture and vitamin E to soften, condition, and protect.

The Best Nostalgic Lip Oil

If you long for the candy-flavored glosses of your tween years, this is the oil for you. The jellylike lip glaze is naturally tinted with red-root oil and moisturizes with jojoba oil. Reviewers say the plumping oil tastes like candy thanks to flavor derived from the stevia plant. Fermented pomegranate gently exfoliates your lips over time to make them softer.

The Best Lip Oil for Darker Skin Tones

The universally flattering, sheer, rosy-brown lip oil for richer skin tones has quickly gained a loyal fanbase and was dubbed by the Strategist as the “Telfar bag of lip gloss.” It contains baobab-, camellia-, and passion-fruit-seed oils to hydrate and smooth. The oil has real staying power, keeping your lips moisturized and shining for hours on end — no doubt contributing to its cult-favorite status.

The Lip Oil That’s As Sweet As Honey

Adding to its extensive selection of honey-infused beauty products, Gisou’s latest is, naturally, a honey-infused lip oil. Housed in this wavy little Instagrammable bottle is a sheer blend of nourishing hyaluronic acid and honey sourced from the family bee garden. Overall, the feel is of healthier, moisturized lips with just the right amount of shine.

The Best Squeeze-Tube Lip Oil

For a translucent yet luscious oil that enhances your natural lip color and lasts throughout the date, this product from BLK/OPL is exactly what you need. It’s a no-fuss lip oil that nourishes and looks better than your basic ChapStick. And for those who are old enough to remember the Juicy Tube phenomenon, BLK/OPL’s oil features a similar squeeze tube — but without the added sparkle and stickiness.

The Best High-Shine Lip Oil

Stila’s high-shine lip oil has all the appeal of an eye-catching glitter gloss, but with the benefits of an oil. It conditions lips and keeps them dewy and smooth for hours. The shimmer oil comes in a selection of space-themed shades such as Star Dust, Super Nova, and Galaxy.

The Best Tinted Lip Oil

This product is for both the Rare Beauty enthusiasts and those who are just looking for an elevated lip tint that nourishes while also depositing color. The Soft Pinch Oil formula is lightweight and easy to apply. And with eight bold shades, it’s the perfect combination of total hydration and long-wearing color.

The Best Affordable Lip Oil

Nooni Lip Oil

You don’t have to break the bank for a good lip oil; just try Nooni. This popular product is infused with soothing apple water to revitalize and moisten the lips; plus, it’s lightly tinted to enhance your natural lip color and create a flushed effect. It comes in several tinted shades, such as Appleplum, Applecherry, and Applepeony. And if you can’t decide which one to try (or you’re shopping for a cute stocking stuffer), add the Appleseed Lip Oil Set to your cart.

The Minty Glosslike Oil

This is not your typical gloss. It glides onto the lips with a glosslike texture, but it’s much less sticky. And the best part? It’s infused with natural peppermint oils and sugar leaves (you can taste the subtle sweetness when you lick your lips!), so you can feel that refreshing tingling sensation as it works to hydrate and soften your lips.

The Best Lip Treatment

Even though Hailey Bieber’s viral Strawberry Glaze Peptide Treatment is sold out, you can try other scents of her restorative formula, including salted caramel, vanilla, and watermelon. The lip glaze — which is infused with shea butter, peptides, cupuaçu, and babassu — also comes in a clear, unscented shade. It’s perfect for everyday wear, especially for people who are sensitive to scented products.

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The 16 Best Lip Oils That Deliver Hydration and Shine