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10 Makeup Bags That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

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It’s a KonMari world and we’re just living in it. But if parting with your makeup sends you into a spiral of panic (let’s be honest, all 73 of those mascaras spark joy), consider simply giving your beloved beauty products their own “proper place” — one that isn’t “somewhere in that one Ziploc under my bed.” These makeup bags will help create some semblance of organization in your life, whether you’re at home or on the go.

The one that’s easy to clean

If you are prone to spills, loose caps, and other makeup-related mishaps, Stephanie Johnson’s line of clear and liquid-resistant bags will help you consistently look like you have your shit together. If you’re more into makeup-makeup rather than no-makeup makeup, the jumbo version is just as bright and swipe-able.

The one that’s good at traveling

This well-rounded bag comes with two removable zippered cubes, a flat cosmetic pouch, and protected brush holders, making it both a solid way to clean up your sink or vanity at home and a useful travel companion.

The one that’ll make life easier

This sturdy zip-cube helps you spot and grab exactly what you need without furiously digging and spilling everything in the process. Mix and match it with its other clear brethren, and each product type you own will have its own home in your actual home.

The one that won’t get squished

Upgrade your vintage Caboodle to this lightweight but still very durable hard-shell case. It comes with roomy zippered interiors on both sides, so you can pack your valuables and swing this over your shoulder with peace of mind.

The stylish one that’s surprisingly spacious

If you’re looking for a makeup bag that you’d be comfortable pulling out in public, this nylon pouch is for you. It’s the perfect middle-of-the-road size for holding the essentials with some room to spare, and it comes in six beautiful shades so it looks really good doing so.

The chill one that’s also surprisingly spacious

This no-frills travel bag has a similar exterior zip and interior layout as the Rebecca Minkoff one, but it’s half the price.

The one that lets you think you’re more organized than you really are


If you’re still struggling to get it together, fake it ‘til you make it with this fun contraption. Simply throw all your crap onto the flat circle, tuck a few of the cylindrical things into the straps, then pull the drawstring to create a bag. Once you get to wherever you’re going, re-flatten the bag to quickly see what you packed without having to dump it all onto a bed.

The one that’s good for stacking

This roomy, section-free zip-up is ideal for stacking, storing, and transporting things that take up a lot of space, like your ever-growing collection of eye shadow palettes, highlighter palettes, and contouring palettes, all with room to spare for some bottles, too. Good luck choosing between all the fun colors it comes in!

The one that lets you choose your own adventure

This customizable carry-all comes with plenty of pouches and an impressive seven sections. The sections are made up of removable dividers so you can customize and create the seven divisions best suited to your makeup collection or current mood.

The Photogenic One

If your life isn’t that much of a mess and you just want to carry all those expensive essentials in an equally luxe container, Pop & Suki’s zip case is lovely to look at: It’s soft, sleek, and shaped like a squoval (the most flattering of nail shapes). It can even be customized to say anything you want, like RBF or “Get Bangs.”

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10 Makeup Bags That Will Help You Get Your Life Together