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The Best Perfumes for Your Zodiac Sign

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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Love Potion No. 9 may not be a reality, but there are plenty of fragrances that can certainly stir up similar emotions and leave us feeling just as enamored. Perfumes have the power to capture the essence of our sentiments and evoke powerful sensations within us. Similar to, you guessed it, our zodiac signs!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, as a celebrity astrologer, I’m here to help you find the fragrance that will provide you with a lasting impression on others. Plus, perfumes can also make great beauty gifts. More to love!


The first sign of the zodiac is ruled by the action-oriented planet Mars, which means Aries are attracted to fiery, bold, and defiant fragrances. The ram desires recognition and prefers a scent that reflects the energy of spring, the month of their birth, with its sense of renewal and rejuvenation.


Being an earth sign, who’s planetary ruler is Venus, means that Taurus is associated with indulgence and decadence. Tauruses are known to have a strong desire for sensual experiences, which is often reflected in their choice of perfume. That’s why rose elements along with a punch of spiciness tend to appeal to their heightened senses.


The communicators of the zodiac are often involved in the exchange of news and information. This is why they align with the essence of citrus, as it is associated with Mercury, their planetary ruler. Add a hint of fruity aroma to any fragrance and it will capture the twin stars’ cheeky attitude.


Known for their ever-changing and evolving emotions, Cancers prefer fragrances that highlight their sensitive nature like soft and sweet floral scents from jasmine, peony, and magnolia. Heavier essences like vetiver, tonka, white amber, and patchouli capture the crab’s moodier and intense sentiments.


The fire sign possesses an alluring and expressive nature, given Leos’ love for drama and passion. They crave attention and gravitate toward fragrances that help them stand out and captivate their admirers.


As a mutable earth sign, Virgos tend to gravitate toward woodsy scents. They prefer to wear musk, sandalwood, and leather, which reflect their primal nature. Even outside of the boudoir, Virgos like to maintain their prim-and-proper attitude, which they can do with fragrances that speak to both sides of this mercurial sign.


Libras need balance in all they do, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect fragrance. They often opt to wear aromatic blends that are full of charm and personality but aren’t too overpowering. They like perfumes that are airy and neutral that fall in the middle of the spectrum.


Scorpios possess a bewitching, mysterious, and intense personality that is characterized by a deep and brooding emotional sense. They are drawn toward hypnotic fragrances that align with their enigmatic and mystical traits.


Due to being ruled by the planet of Jupiter, Sagittarians are known for an adventurous personality. They prefer fragrances with stimulating and exciting aromas and ingredients sourced from different places. Spicy elements are especially enjoyable for them, as they bring about new experiences and leave them feeling elevated.


Capricorns’ favorite fragrances are designed to make them feel cozy, warm, connected with others and themselves during the colder months of the year. They lean toward fragrances that contain subtle notes and flavors that ignite their faith in themselves and the world, allowing them to reflect on their emotions and find the drive to succeed in all aspects of life, including family, work, and relationships.


Aquarians are known for their nonconformist attitude and unique personality. As a result, they tend to prefer fragrances with a distinct and individual character, setting them apart from the crowd. They like perfumes with notes of citrus, florals, sugar, and spice.


Pisces are known to be enchanting, and they are drawn to perfumes that stimulate and spark romanticism and the imagination. From the glimmer of a silver screen to the allure of a decadent perfume, they use their sense of smell to create an atmosphere of beauty and charm.

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