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The Best Lingerie for Lingerie-Haters

If the thought of wearing bows and frilly lace makes you feel silly, you’re not alone. When it comes to shopping for lingerie, it can seem as if all everyone sells is the over-the-top stuff more commonly found in a Victoria’s Secret show. If you’re a fan of simpler designs that don’t jab into your skin, we’re here to help. Scroll ahead for eight sleek, stylish options to upgrade your underwear drawer, all under $100.

The All-Black Option

Your platonic ideal of a bra-and-panty set.

Comfortable, Nondescript Briefs

These briefs constantly sell out because they’re comfortable and look great under everything.

The Classic Calvin Klein Duo

For the woman who loves ’90s-era minimalism.

The Soft White Set

Can’t go wrong with a classic, soft white bra and panty.

A Cheap Black Set

A little lace trim will distinguish this set from all of your other black bras.

A Tolerable Lace Set

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Subtle enough that you won’t feel overly fussy.

The Wear Everywhere Bra

An easy T-shirt bra that comes in a very lovely shade of red.

A Pastel Set That Isn’t Too Sweet

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Pink isn’t as frilly when it’s made of sporty mesh.

A Sensible Combo

Hate when your straps slide off? Try this soft racerback style.

The Best One for Petites

A super-comfortable option if you have a small chest and hate the dig of an underwire.

If You Like High-Waisted Pants

Choose underwear that’ll feel nicer against your skin than the rub of denim.

A Barely There Bra

Superfine mesh is almost as good as going bra-less.

The No-Wire Subtle Push-Up Bra

If you like the feel of a bralette but need some lift, this is the one to get.

A Minimal Bralette

This bralette is super stretchy and is made to have a second-skin fit.

If You Love Seamless Panties

Soft against the skin and worth the $18 price tag.

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The Best Lingerie for Lingerie-Haters