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I Found My Favorite Tank Tops

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Chinea Rodriguez

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I am a self-proclaimed tank-top devotee. I wear tank tops every way possible for almost any occasion that doesn’t require a formal dress code. Our fashion director believes that the best tank tops are one of the building blocks of a wardrobe, and so do I. You can dress them up, dress them down, or layer them under button-downs, blouses, and blazers. You get the idea.

But what makes a good tank top? Besides just looking good or fitting your budget … Is it sheer? Is it comfortable? Can I wear a bra if I wanted to? In pursuit of the best tank tops in the market, I’ve tried more than my closet can hold, and here are the current eight that are comfortable, reasonably priced, versatile, and perfect for all your upcoming summer looks.

Photo: Chinea Rodriguez

The Most Affordable Tank Top

You’re missing out if you aren’t browsing Target’s in-house lines next time you’re in the store. Besides the occasional viral jean or dress, they also have decent basics. This ribbed tank is somewhat sheer but super-affordable and comes in a range of colors and sizes up to 4X.

Photo: Chinea Rodriguez

The Best Affordable Tank Top

This was a favorite from the moment I put it on in the Madewell fitting room. For one, it’s so stretchy you don’t have to worry about getting makeup on it and you don’t have to struggle putting it on or taking it off. It’s comfortable and the straps are thick enough for a bra if you want to wear one. I only own the black one, but I have tried the white one and it’s pretty sheer, if you’re trying to avoid that.

Photo: Chinea Rodriguez

The Most Versatile Tank Top

No, it’s not inside out. The brand’s viral tank can really be worn any way you please. In terms of sizing, you’ll want to get the right one since this top isn’t as stretchy. However, its form-fitting shape makes it easier to wear without a bra, which is good because the silhouette doesn’t really allow for any kind of undergarment.

More options:

The Best Tank Top

H&M can be hit or miss, especially online, where you can’t check the quality beforehand. Fortunately for you (and me), this tank top I ordered online is indeed a hit. It has thicker straps, but it’s still stretchy enough.

The Most Comfortable Tank Top

This is technically a camisole but regardless of the technicalities, it wins the award of being the most comfortable with its barely there, light and airy fabric. Cou Cou’s pieces are 100 percent organic cotton, which is usually not as stretchy as some of the blends with nylon so I sized up. You’ll get a looser fit but one enough room you can wear a bra.

The Most Form-Fitting Tank Top

When I tried this tank top, it was pretty easy to see what the hype was about and why the price is worth it. This top is tight but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. You can skip a bra and wear this on its own or layer it under your garment of choice.

The Fanciest Tank Top

Sometimes tank tops feel a little too casual. This option from Modern Citizen is a happy medium. It’s super-lightweight and soft, and it drapes in a way that makes it look dressier than your average tank tops. You could also wear this to the office with dress pants and skirts.

The Best Tank Top With a Bra

Uniqlo’s a pretty good place to start for tank tops. Plus they’re on the affordable side. If you want something not see-through, I recommend this one with the built-in bra and racerback shape. The semi-attached bra fits comfortably without moving, and since the cups are dense, they’re not see-through.

I Found My Favorite Tank Tops