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The Best Underwear for Women

Ask a few friends to share their favorite kind of underwear, and you’ll get a mix of fabric preferences, comfort levels, and occasions. Everyone has an opinion, and online reviews don’t always answer important questions, such as: Does the fabric get worn over time? What happens when you wear it in the heat, or under tight clothing? So we gathered recommendations from our staff, friends, and trusted online reviewers to find the best underwear for women in every size and style.

From lacy thongs to cotton briefs to practical boy shorts, the 23 pairs of underwear below are comfortable enough to be worn every day and make it through your vigorous washer and dryer cycles. (There are no granny panties on this list, but read this if that’s your thing.)

The Cheap Classics

4-Pack Fruit of The Loom Bikini Panties
$10 at Amazon

They’re no fuss Fruit of the Loom but in an updated cool-blend fabric to keep you cool and comfortable, even in this excruciating heat.
Available in sizes 4–18.

The Best Invisible Brief

Vanity Fair Illumination Panty
$9 at Bare Necesities

These have a satin trim and a high cut that gives modest, seamless coverage. Online reviewers commend their perfect fit and support.
Available in sizes S–XL.

The Sleekest Briefs

Women’s Hiphugger
$6 at Uniqlo

This highly rated hiphugger is comfortable and only $6.
Available in sizes XS–L.

The Most Comfortable Thong

Boody Thong
$20 at Amazon

Can thongs be comfortable? Buyers of this thong rave about how it’s seamless, smooth, hypoallergenic, and designed to not creep up, no matter how long you wear it.
Avaialable in sizes S–L.

The Sexiest Briefs

Ashley Graham Briefs
$30 at Nordstrom

Leave it to Ashley Graham to make nude briefs sexy.
Available in sizes 0X–3X.

The Modern Bikini

Everlane Bikini
$12 at Everlane

This bikini style was designed to feel like it’s barely there, and that’s why we love them.
Available in sizes XXS–XL.

The Best Low-Rise Briefs

Calvin Klein Briefs
$13 at Nordstrom

If you prefer briefs but always feel that they’re too high-waisted, these may be just what you’re looking for. They’re specially designed to lay flat against the skin smoothly, even under the tightest dresses.
Available sizes XS–XL.

The Best Minimal Bikini

Calvin Klein String Bikini
$13 at Bloomingdales

Thirteen dollars is a bit much for one pair of panties, but these are a top seller because they’re comfortable and made from quality fabrics — meaning they’ll last more than ten cycles in the dryer without shrinking.
Available sizes S–L.

The Most Breathable Bikini

Gap High Rise Bikini
$13 at Gap

This high-rise bikini is a tried and true classic and has remained a favorite over the years — thanks to full-back coverage and a slim, super practical silhouette.
Available sizes XS–XXL.

The Best Stretch Briefs

Halogen High Waist Briefs
$14 at Nordstrom

The best seamless fit in super-stretchy panties that has hold.
Available sizes 12–18.

The Smoothest Briefs

Wacoal Briefs
$15 at Nordstrom

Reviewers say that these are worth $15 per pair, because the waistline of the fabric sits higher on the waist and doesn’t budge all day long.
Available sizes 12–16.

The Best Thong Set

Nabtos Thong Set (Pack of 6)
$14 at Amazon

I heard about these through friends who like to buy everything on Amazon — and I can attest to the fact that they’re quite comfortable and make your butt look cute.
Available in XS–2XL.

The Most Practical Thong Set

Cosabella Lace Thong Set (Pack of 3)
$65 at Nordstrom

Because it’s hard to find a set of thongs that aren’t teeny tiny and won’t creep up.
Available in sizes 12/16–18/22.

The Best High-Cut Briefs

Wacoal High Cut Briefs
$15 at Nordstrom

These are known to fit perfectly and be comfortable, as well as provide coverage without being too grandma-friendly.
Available in sizes S–XXL.

The Best Seamless Full Briefs

Chantelle Briefts
$18 at Nordstrom

If you’re looking for full coverage and full support, these Chantelle briefs are made from a soft stretch fabric for a comfy fit.
Available in sizes XS–XL.

The Best Brief Set

Natori Cotton Briefs (3 Pack)
$45 at Nordstrom

These Natori cotton briefs are great for everyday wear since they’re lightweight, and they come in fun colors.
Available in sizes S–XL.

The Best Sheer Brief

On Gossamer Mesh Bikini
$18 at Nordstrom

These briefs are ultra-light, super sheer, and low-rise — in case you’re wearing a pretty lightweight linen dress and need underwear that won’t show underneath.
Available in sizes S–L.

The Best Cotton Bikini

Calvin Klein Cotton Bikini
$16 at Nordstrom

You can’t go wrong with iconic Calvins, can you? These are made with a stretch cotton unlike any other, and the branded waistband is still cool.
Available in sizes S–L.

The Best Boyshort Set

Caramel Cantina Boyshots (6 Pack)
$24 at Amazon

These come in a lot of sizes and colors, and they’re affordable, so it’s no surprise that buyers regularly stock up on these boy shorts.
Available in sizes 1x–3x.

The Best Lace Panties

Spanx Lace Hipster Panties
$24 at Nordstrom

Spanx already makes the best shapewear, so it only makes sense that their underwear is also stellar. These are made to have the lift and contour of Spanx but in a flirty panty silhouette.
Available in sizes XS–XL.

The Best Seamless Thong

Commando High Rise Thong
$26 at Saks Fifth Avenue

A classic thong with seamless lines is always necessary.
Available in sizes S–L.

The Most Lacy Brief

Hanky Panky Briefs
$39 at Nordstrom

This Hanky Panky brief is a favorite on Nordstrom because it has a lot of coverage, but the full-lace silhouette adds a pretty touch.
Available in sizes 1X–3X.

The Best Low-Rise Thong Set

Hanky Panky Low Rise Cotton Thong (Pack of 3)
$60 at Shopbop

This set of low-rise cotton thongs with lace upper and cotton bottom is both beautiful and seamless.
Available in sizes S–M.

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The Best Underwear for Women