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26 Best Winter Gloves to Buy Before It’s Too Late

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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Whether you are an avid skier or just someone trying to survive a winter in the Northeast unscathed, it is that time of the year when venturing outdoors with naked fingers is absolutely unpleasant. Not only is it time to dust off your winter coats, sweaters, and boots, but also consider this a sign to find a pair of winter gloves. It’s probably a good idea to just go ahead and buy a few pairs so you’re not caught bare-handed in the freezing winds no matter the occasion.

To help find the best winter gloves out there, we spoke with stylists and outdoor experts to get their picks. From everyday wool pairs and leather ones that bring the drama to heavy-duty waterproof pairs for snow-day activities, we have also included plenty that work with a touchscreen (of course, since we’re all addicted to our phones). Here are 26 pairs to consider buying before it’s too late.

The No. 1 Best Seller

From $5

Material: Acrylic, Polyester | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

These gloves check all the boxes: comfortable, warm, touchscreen compatible, anti-slip palms, not too bulky, and a selection of colors. No wonder they’re the top seller on Amazon with over 35,000 reviews, and they come in at a price point that means you won’t be crushed if you lose them.

For When It’s Really Cold But You’re on a Budget

Material: Leather, fleece | Waterproof: No, but water resistant | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Gloves seem to always go missing, so sometimes it is hard to shell out the big bucks for them. However, it’s a good idea to have some gloves that’ll withstand below-freezing temperatures when those blow into town. Despite the positive reviews when it comes to comfort, reviewers do note that they are not phone-screen-friendly.

The Heavy-Duty Ones

Material: Fleece, Recycled Polyester | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

Outdoor writer Ebony Roberts loves these gloves for their practicality and warmth, plus they are tech-friendly. “They’re a big step up from cheap knit gloves that are slippery, get soaked with wet snow, and leave your hands cold. The Etips are fleece-lined without being bulky, so they’re perfect for chilly early-morning dog walks, running errands, or hitting up the playground with my son,” Roberts says. “The partial palm grips are useful but not too sticky, and they can be clipped together when not in use, which is great because over the two seasons I’ve worn them, I haven’t lost one yet.” Deputy style editor Joanna Nikas also has them and agrees, adding that they are not too bulky and look sleek.

The Touchscreen Gloves That Actually Work

Material: Microfleece | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

These gloves from Amazon feature touchscreen capability on all ten fingers (and it actually works). They’re also made from microfleece for extra warmth. No matter the gadget, these gloves won’t keep you from scrolling through TikTok or answering your text messages.

If You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Material: Acrylic, Wool | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

Sometimes you really need to use your bare fingers without the rest of your hand freezing, but you still want the option of covering your fingers up. This is where these convertible wool mittens come in.

A Pair to Match Your Puffer

Material: Polyester, Fleece | Waterproof: Yes | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Puffers are a staple coat every winter because they’re reliably warm, and with these, your hands can enjoy that same warmth, too. Made from an insulated material, these gloves are waterproof and breathable and have a soft lining on the interior to wick away sweat in case you start getting a little too warm. They also feature a band to secure the lining to the glove, as well as a clasp to attach them to one another so you do not end up losing just one.

The Sustainable Fingerless Ones

Material: Recycled Cashmere | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

If you’re looking to invest in a fingerless pair of gloves, these are made from a recycled cashmere blend and are like a sweater for your hands (even if they’re not covering your fingers).

For Extra Chilly Digits

Material: Wool, Nylon | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Made from wool, these double-layered gloves act as an insulator, making them the perfect pair for anyone who always has cold hands. They are not bulky either, so you can always just throw these in your bag as a “just in case.”

A Toastier Leather Pair

Material: Cashmere, Leather | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

While leather gloves are warm, these give you the option to choose between a fleece or cashmere lining on the interior for extra coziness. Bonus: The outer leather has a 360 touchscreen capability for any and all tech needs.

The Affordable Cashmere

Material: Cashmere | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

If you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to gloves, a solid cashmere pair will not steer you wrong. This pair features wide ribbing for easy styling and comes in eight colors for lots of options. Just be aware that cashmere requires dry cleaning, but your warm hands will thank you later. You should buy these now, because they sell out every year.

If You Like Only Fingerless Gloves

Material: Wool, Rayon, Polyester | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

If you’re not a glove person and you just deal with cold hands, fingerless gloves may be the best option for you. You can wear them without feeling like you’re restricted, and even though the tips of your fingers will still be a little chilly, everything else should be warm. With their wool blend, these might be the answer to cold hands in the office.

The Fuzzy Mittens

Material: Polyester, Faux Fur | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Apparis is known for the soft faux fur its products are made of, and these mittens are no exception. Equipped with a flip-and-fasten, these dual gloves come in neutrals as well as fun colors like hot pink and blue.

For a Cold-Weather Run

Sweaty Betty Run Gloves
From $25
From $25

Material: Polyester, Elastane | Waterproof: No, but Sweat-Wicking | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

For any outdoor activity in the cold, these are your answer. These polyester gloves keep you warm while maintaining full function, including being able to use a phone. Plus, they have reflective details that enhance visibility in low light and at night so you can stay safe and warm outside, even if the sun is setting at 3 p.m.

For When You Need to do Both

Material: Merino Wool, Nylon, Wlastane | Waterproof: No, but Water-Resistant | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

Sometimes you need the accessibility of a glove but the coverage of a mitten, and these manage to do both. The exteriors are also made of the same highly water-and-wind-resistant soft-shell fabric as Tracksmith’s Nor’Easter Jacket, so they are meant to keep your hands warm and protected from the elements. They also have a magnet to connect the two together, so you hopefully can keep them from going missing.

For When It’s Really Cold

Material: Polyester, White Goose Down | Waterproof: Yes | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Canada Goose is known for its luxurious puffer jackets, and its mittens are just as effective. These high-performance mittens are down-filled, with a durable water-resistant shell that is guaranteed to keep you dry. Plus, they have adjustable locks at the wrist to seal in warmth and extra-long fleece storm cuffs. Take these on your next trip to the mountains.

To Express How You Feel About Winter

Material: Recycled Polyester | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

If you hate winter and want everyone to subtly know it, these gloves with Acne’s grumpy-looking logo on them are the way to go. Made from two-tone yarns, they’re sure to keep you warm.

If You Love UGGs

Material: Leather, shearling | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

If you’re a fan of UGG boots, it’s safe to assume you’ll like their gloves just as much. “I love these UGG Shearling touchscreen gloves that match with everything while keeping your fingers warm at the same time,” says celebrity stylist Jasmine Caccamo. “They’re durable, can withstand the flurries, and can pair with a camel jacket or your Prada puffer.”

The Ones You’ve Seen on the Runway

Material: Leather | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

While fashion editor Bella Gerard used to go out of her way to avoid gloves, she told the Cut that lately the aesthetic outweighs the impracticality and she’s ready to lean all the way in. Her favorites? The Seymoure Classic Runway Gloves. “Sex and the City stylist Patricia Fields is a fan, and the supple Italian leather and great fit won me over the first time I tried them on,” she says.

For Your Ski Trip

Material: Polyamide, Recycled Polyamide, Polyester | Waterproof: Yes | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Made with recycled polyester for extra warmth and padding, these ski mittens feature a Velcro closing to keep them snug and the snow from sneaking inside. Even if you tend to stay warm in the lodge rather than ski, these are still a great option.

The Splurge-Worthy Ones

Material: Leather, Cashmere | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Stylist Tori López has been eyeing these Prada leather gloves for a while now and is almost ready to purchase. “The glove itself is very practical — made of lustrous nappa leather to keep your hands warm despite it also having an impractical pouch that might fit nothing but some loose change,” she says. “This juxtaposition immediately had me sold. They come in multiple colorways, but the black will surely go with any coat of your choosing.”

If Your Arms Get Colder Than Your Hands

Material: Acrylic | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

Even if you aren’t a glove person, your arms probably get cold during the winter months, especially if you live somewhere with a windchill. These have ribbed detailing so they add an element of cozy style, whether you are pairing them with a tee, sweater, or another pair of gloves for extra warmth.

The Colorful Leather Ones

Material: Leather, Polyester | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

If your winter coat is a neutral color, sometimes you need to add a pop of something brighter for your outfit to stand out. These hairsheep-leather gloves are under $150 and come in 15 different colors. There is just something so chic about long leather gloves, and they keep you warm too.

The Statement Fingerless Pair

Material: Acrylic | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

Shopping writer Brooke LaMantia loves the pattern on these fingerless gloves and finds they manage to keep her hands warm even though they’re missing some coverage.

The Wool-Lined Leather Ones

Material: Leather, Wool | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Fashion writer Danya Issawi is a fan of any and all Coach leather gloves. They’re sleek and long-lasting and feature 100 percent wool on the inside to keep your hands nice and toasty.

For a Holiday Party

Material: Lyrca, viscose | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: No

Unsure how much warmer these are going to keep your hands, but they will definitely bring the drama to any formal attire this winter season. These are an effortless way to really elevate a look while adding a bit of function. It’s better than no coverage while waiting for a car outside, after all.

For Those Who Lose Their Gloves Every Season

Material: Recycled Polyester, Spandex | Waterproof: No | Touchscreen Compatible: Yes

For the price of a latte, you can pick up gloves the next time you are trying to hit a shipping minimum on or when you are aimlessly walking the aisles after coming in just for toilet paper. They have two fingers that are touchscreen compatible, and they come in ten different colors.

Winter Gloves to Buy Before It’s Too Late