Bradley Cooper’s a Big Knitwear Guy

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

On top of campaigning for an Oscar for his film Maestro, Bradley Cooper seems to have picked up a part-time gig modeling rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s clothing line. Because nothing says romance like paparazzi shots in the park and inconspicuously flaunting baby’s $545 threads.

Cooper and Hadid have been spotted together on numerous occasions since they were first linked back in October of last year but only recently hard launched their relationship by totally casually walking around London while holding hands and laughing (Us Weekly claimed the pair have a “similar sense of humor,” as evidenced by the laughing, of course). Now that Hadid has supported Cooper in his passions and endeavors — namely, by showing face at his cheesesteak food truck — it’s only fair that the “Maestro” himself returns the favor in the form of lifestyle influencing.

Hadid launched her cashmere-and-knitwear brand Guest in Residence in 2022, but the line got a major boost when Taylor Swift wore a $695 sweater to a Chiefs game in January. I can’t necessarily say the same of Cooper’s attempts at amplifying the brand, given the Stripe Crew he wore was styled with the effect of making him look like a retired fraternity brother. And with a peek at his recent streetwear ensembles, we quickly find a number of puzzling accessory choices, such as conspicuously visible Ellen DeGeneres Show underwear, patchwork beanies, and blazers with far too many buttons.

Well, it’s only a matter of time before these two will surely get to enjoy the fruits of their food-truck and 100 percent–cashmere labor. Cross-promotion is the hottest new aphrodisiac, after all.

Bradley Cooper’s a Big Knitwear Guy