Camila Cabello Explains Why She Was Jet Skiing With Drake

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

At the end of last year, Camila Cabello and Drake were spotted together riding Jet Skis in Turks and Caicos. We didn’t know what was going on then — romance? Business? A healthy and platonic male-female friendship? — but now we have answers, sort of. Cabello went on the Call Her Daddy podcast and explained what was going on between her and Champagne Papi.

“It was vacation plus some work,” Cabello told Alex Cooper. When Cooper pressed the singer and asked whether or not the two of them have ever had “a little thing,” the former Fifth Harmony member demurred. “Have I ever had what? Like, a beautiful, artistic collaboration with him? I may or may not have,” she said.

Cabello then explained how she ended up going on what she called a “friends trip” with the rapper. She told Cooper that she had been listening to a lot of Drake while making her upcoming album, and she thought that he would “really like” it. So, naturally, she just DM’d him and told him that she wanted to play the album for him. According to Cabello, Drake did end up loving the album, so she was right.

If anything, this is a lesson in always just shooting your shot. That being said, this specific example is the kind of thing that only celebrities are allowed to do. I cannot in good faith recommend that you go on an island vacation with a guy you admire just because he said he’d take a look at your new project. That’s how horror movies start. For us normals, just ask to meet up at a coffee shop.

Camila Cabello Explains Why She Was Jet Skiing With Drake