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New York’s Hottest Club Is the Delta Sky Lounge

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Famous people are always coming up with new and surprising places to congregate, giving us unexpected celebrity haunts like Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium or that one strip-mall sushi restaurant in Hollywood. This week, while New York got a notable amount of snow for the first time in years, a new contender emerged: The VIP Delta Sky Club at JFK, where a handful of glitterati reportedly got stuck waiting for their flights.

According to “Page Six,” JFK’s Delta lounge was “jammed with celebs” on Tuesday, when a Northeastern storm grounded hundreds of planes in and around New York. Alan Cumming, who posted an Instagram Story of his ample delayed-flight reading material (Nghi Vo’s Into the Riverlands), was spotted in the lounge taking photos with fans. Meanwhile, Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum were apparently sequestered in one corner that was marked off with “red ropes,” and after a few hours they were joined by Natasha Lyonne. The trio were seen “chatting away and eating food.” Maybe Lyonne forgot to bring a book of crosswords to keep her occupied?

Now that the snow has let up, I can only assume these stranded celebs are well on their way to all kinds of glamorous destinations. I hope they at least brought snacks.

New York’s Hottest Club Is the Delta Sky Lounge