The ‘Oh Sh*t’ Gift Guide for Procrastinators

Did you just look at a calendar and wonder where the time went? You’re not alone! Despite the countless helpful gift guides, we’re just like you — massive procrastinators who are currently cursing ourselves for our lazy ways. But don’t worry, 2-day shipping is here to rescue us all. And because we know budgets are tight at this point during the holiday season, we decided to keep all of our last-minute ideas to $50 or less. Scroll ahead for the best fun, cheap ideas for everyone on your list.

For the Person Who Loves Itty-Bitty Things

It’s tiny and cute and will make her lips look nice.

For Your Friend Who Likes Kooky Old-Lady Fashion

Photo: Brown, Indya

These Picasso-inspired earrings are under $10.

For Your Favorite Cat Owner

Photo: Brown, Indya

This refillable lint roller will fit into any bag so she’ll never show up covered in fuzz.

For the Compulsive Organizer

Photo: Brown, Indya

This teeny toothbrush stand is unobtrusive but still stylish.

For Your Friend Who Always Carries a Gigantic Bag

This cute cherry shape will never get lost in her purse, no matter what other junk is in there.

For the Wannabe Florist

For the Person Who Loves Sweating But Hates the Gym

This ‘facial sauna’ will let you steam your face to loosen dirt and impurities. Karrueche Tran is a fan.

For the Friend Who Recently Discovered Matcha

Photo: Brown, Indya

You can also use it as a milk frother to add some pizazz to your morning coffee.

For You Aunt Who Loves a Hot Drink

At $10, this pretty mug is a great stocking stuffer, especially if you add in some hot chocolate or tea bags.

The Easiest Gift on This List

A sheet mask that actually anticipates what January 1 is going to feel like.

For the Woman Who Loves to Bake

The psychedelic swirls will showcase her perfect cupcakes.

For Anyone Who Wants Baby-Soft Skin

Reviewers rave that this Japanese exfoliating towel is better than a loofah or sponge for getting rid of rough winter skin.

For the Person Who Loves to Host

Use it for water, orange juice, or flowers.

For the Person Who Loves Traveling, But Not Planes

This soothing eye mask won’t give you claustrophobia, but will de-puff your eyes and block out light.

For the Neat-Freak Home Cook

Made with binchotan charcoal, these towels won’t stink no matter how many wet spills you wipe up.

For The Person Who Secretly Read All the Twilight Books

This lip product was created to capitalize on the vampire frenzy of several years ago. Regardless of whether you think Robert Pattinson was hot, it’s still a favorite because it goes on like a balm but looks like a pretty lip stain.

A Good Mom Gift, Especially If She Has a Long Commute

Our friends at the Strategist love this brand for their ability to keep drinks perfectly chilled or hot.

For the Perpetual Traveler

Photo: Brown, Indya

A nice cheap alternative to our hands-down favorite toiletry case.

For Your Sister, Who Never Carries Cash

Just enough room for all of her cards.

For the Iced-Coffee Addict

Photo: Brown, Indya

Just add your favorite coffee grounds to the chamber with cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight, and you’ll have delicious cold brew waiting for you in the morning.

For the Dog Lover

Corgi-imprinted emery boards: a much more low-maintenance gift than a new puppy.

For Your Dad Who Loves Gadgets

He’ll get a kick out of asking Google the most mundane questions. And if he has an Alexa, he can listen to them converse, which is always fun.

For the Beginner Cook

Everyone needs a classic, well-reviewed chef’s knife.

For the Teen Who Loves Millenial Pink

Photo: dbottom

The better to coordinate with her Glossier pouch, of course.
Original Price: $35

For the Person Who Loved Running Into the Sprinklers as a Kid


This spray lets you hydrate your face without ruining your makeup.

For the Person Who Isn’t Afraid of Snails

If gastropod slime doesn’t turn them off, this Korean beauty eye cream is for them.

For the Person Deeply Committed to Cuteness

What’s cuter than a beauty blender and just as effective? This guy.

A Cozy Gift for Grandma

In a pretty emerald green, it’s a nice reminder of her favorite grandkid (you, obviously.)
Original Price: $40

For the Party Girl

We’ve always loved this Japanese mascara, and so will whoever you get it for. It never flakes, never smudges, and lasts until you choose (via a lot of elbow grease) to take it off.

For the Everlane Superfan

For the Coffee Snob

The Japanese gold standard for anyone who appreciates a good pour over.

For the Beauty Novice

A sheer, glossy, barely-there lipstick in an easy “you can’t mess this up” pencil.

For the Casual Coffee Snob

Don’t want to fuss with an elaborate set-up? It doesn’t get easier than a French press.

For the Teen Discovering Jewelry

These cute little hoops offer just enough sparkle to dress up her school outfit.

Because Everyone Loves a Good Robe

We’ve written about this robe a few times for good reason: it’s hands down the favorite on Amazon for its warmth and softness.

The Best Travel Pillow, Ever

Another Cut favorite, this memory foam neck pillow will make even an 16-hour trip in economy class tolerable.

A Cozy Turtleneck for Mom

She’ll get a ton of wear out of this dark green sweater.
Original Price: $70

If You Want a Personal Touch

Photo: Brown, Indya

A delicate initial necklace is something she can wear every day.

For Your Sister in College

Good for late nights studying in her dorm room.
Original Price: $122

For Your Workaholic Brother Who Lives in Suits

A classic cashmere scarf will match his work clothes perfectly.
Original Price: $145

For the Person Who Has Cold Hands

Photo: Brown, Indya

Cropped, red leather gloves will keep ‘em nice and warm.

For Your Too-Cool Sister

She’ll be posting this hoodie on Instagram the second she opens the box.

Editor’s note: It’s on sale today for $33 but only for another 12-hours so act fast!

For the Fancy Home Cook

It’s not Le Creuset, but it looks close enough to win over the most discriminating home cook.

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43 Extremely Last-Minute, Very Cheap Gift Ideas